World’s first Bot to Bot relationship

Posted on August 31st, 2017 by Chrissie Lightfoot

Press Release: Digital legal services link up to offer clients even more choice

Two pioneering providers of legal support have teamed up to give consumers and businesses even more choice when looking for services online.

Robot Lawyer LISA and Clerksroom BillyBot are at the cutting edge of digital law services, using emerging technologies to aid users looking for time critical and quality legal insight.

The collaboration will see both platforms have a brand presence on each other’s websites, as well as ongoing joint marketing campaigns between the pair.

This partnership between LISA and BillyBot marks possibly the first ‘robot relationship’ between two innovative legal bot solutions providers.

Chrissie Lightfoot, CEO and co-founder of Robot Lawyer LISA, said: “From day one we have been focused on making access to legal services cost effective, time saving and transparent for consumers and businesses to acquire their legal needs by using technology wherever possible in the first instance before moving on to garner human lawyer support, if at all necessary or desired. That’s why we developed Robot Lawyer LISA.

Today we are delighted to reveal with this announcement the bigger picture in relation to our vision to bring together the right AI solutions and partnerships under the Robot Lawyer LISA website portal and brand to fundamentally change the way the average person can achieve affordable self-help, self-serve access to quality legal insight, documentation and advice.

“This is especially important now, as people who are using LISA have made suggestions with regard to additional AI tools they would find useful and as a result we are now developing a suite of property tools that will be released shortly. We are working hard to make sure that users have plenty of resources at their disposal to support them as they create these documents, as well as the opportunity to use the services of human lawyers too.

“Not only will this partnership mean they are able to protect themselves with LISA’s free NDA tool and purchase a variety of other tools in due course, but they’ll also be able to source quality legal advice direct from human solicitors who programmed LISA and direct from human barristers through the use and help of BillyBot leading to Clerksroom’s extensive barrister pool throughout England & Wales.

“While law can be complicated, giving people access to the most basic of legal services and insight need not be if the first step is to use tech tools and virtual assistants wherever possible. Inevitably where users of such tools then wish to seek out assistance or representation from a solicitor or barrister we aim to make it as simple as possible for the public to do this also.”

LISA, the world’s first impartial robot lawyer, is a hybrid human and machine system, knowledge engineered with legal reasoning, insight and judgment in a commercial context built in. LISA’s AI tools are powered by Neota Logic’s AI platform technology, and are developed with decades of human legal knowledge and experience.

LISA is fast and easy to use, allowing those without legal expertise to get to the heart of the matter and come to an agreement quickly. The free flagship NDA tool enables users to create a bespoke, legally binding non-disclosure agreement in less than 15 minutes between themselves.

Stephen Ward, MD and co-founder of Clerksroom said: “We’ve been hearing rumours about Billy Bot and robot LISA for quite some time now, but we’re delighted that they’ve finally decided to make it official. People say office romances don’t last, however we’re looking forward to potentially the first bot wedding in a few years’ time!”

Clerksroom provides advice, representation and mediation services across England & Wales for lawyers and non-lawyers. They help lay clients find barristers, allowing them to work together, providing true access to first rate legal advice and representation through the traditional chambers route or via the innovative public access portal for non-lawyers.

Billy Bot is a junior clerk robot that has been programmed to help users find the right barrister or mediator for their legal problems, offer a quote, check the barrister’s diary, book the hearing into the diary if accepted, send acknowledgement letters and confirm the terms agreed. Billy Bot is currently in training and working with other legal software suppliers to offer a broad range of services. Working with LISA is one step towards an ever growing API library.

To find out more about the relationship, visit and



About LISA

LISA is the world’s first impartial robot lawyer. LISA’s AI technology enables you to create legally binding agreements with another party, together, helping you both find a middle ground as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Whereas a human lawyer cannot advise or act for both sides when creating an agreement, LISA’s machine impartiality means she can save both you and the counter-party time and money.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a consumer, an entrepreneur, a start-up, a small or medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation. LISA levels the playing field and allows you or your business to:

  • Understand the key legal and commercial principles underlying your legal problems, which need to be considered by you and the receiver.
  • Find the middle ground for you and the receiver, while offering guidance to help you move forward without the costly interference of a human lawyer.
  • Get your basic legal questions answered, documents drafted and an agreement achieved on terms that are fair and reasonable for both sides.
  • Assess whether you fall within the law or outside.

About Chrissie

Chrissie Lightfoot studied her first degree in Leisure & Business at Leeds Becket University and then went on to do a Masters degree in Law at Sheffield Law School.

She trained as a corporate solicitor at Lee & Priestly LLP law firm in Leeds (now merged with Lupton Fawcett LLP). In 2009, she left the firm and became a legal futurist, founding Entrepreneur Lawyer and working from a makeshift office in her apartment in Leeds. Entrepreneur Lawyer helps lawyers, entrepreneurs and technologists future-proof their careers and businesses. Subsequently she has become one of the world’s top women futurists, an in-demand global keynote speaker, writer, author, consultant and advisor around topics such as the impact of AI and robots in society and law, as well as marketing and branding.

Chrissie lives and works between Harrogate, Leeds, Ripon and London.

For more information contact Chrissie Lightfoot:


M: 07793 510104

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