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Author Chrissie Lightfoot – named in the 2015 list of the ‘World’s Top Female Futurists‘ & LinkedIn as the No.1 best-connected & most engaged woman in the legal industry, 4th in all sectors, 2015. International Top 100 Executive and Legal Professional of the year 2013.

“It is both fun and insightful. With her characteristic mix of wit, savvy and sass, Chrissie addresses a wide sweep of issues that will be central to the future of lawyers”.
Professor Richard Susskind OBE, author of Tomorrow’s Lawyers and The End of Lawyers? UK.

“superb insight and a lively, enthralling read….dazzlingly useful… entertaining mercilessly, into the murky unknowns…the seemingly outlandish (think robot judges)… this boldness rewards the reader with a sustained, realistic, and, most vitally, a practical outlook on what that future may hold. Her advice will prove invaluable to innumerable readersa necessary salve to the conservative near-sightedness of many professionals and ought to incite many an inflammatory conversation, be it at the water cooler or in the boardroom.”
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George Beaton, Partner, Beaton Capital, Executive Chairman, Beaton Research & Consulting; Australia.

“I loved Tomorrows Naked Lawyer (How to be successful, 2015 to 2045)! You provided an awesome overview of the changing dynamics in the legal services industry and how that dynamic can and will impact lawyers. The strongest part for me was how you weaved artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and entrepreneurs with those dynamics, along with the skills needed to brand, market and rain-making in these disruptive times.”
Daniel Duncan, Legal Project manager, MBA, PMP, USA.

“It is quite unlike anything I have ever read about the legal industry – or any other industry for that matter… sex robots… robot lawyers… She is obviously intrigued by the ability of AI to dramatically affect business development and client relationships, and she has made bold, provocative steps into those impacts, something that no one else is writing about today.”
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Mitch Kowalski, Bencher Candidate 2015, legal Services Consultant, Lawyer and 2012 Fastcase 50 Global Legal Innovator; Canada.

“She knows her stuff! Chrissie Lightfoot’s done it again. Her first book, The Naked Lawyer shook the legal world out of its cosy torpor. With her follow up book she’s gone further, envisaging the future of law in a world dominated by developments in AI and robotics. Chrissie’s USP is that she doesn’t just aggregate and summarise the present and probable future of law in a changing world, she actively engages in it and offers practical advice and resources to enable like-minded legal professionals to succeed in this brave new world.”
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Nick Beddows, CEO and Creative Director, Arcobaleno Media; UK.

“a grand achievement…She predicts three decades of progress; encapsulates the implications of technological change; and covers social, economic, political and personal reactions to advanced technologies. And she does it, most impressively, in an accessible and entertaining way for experts and novices alike.
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Leeds & Yorkshire Lawyer magazine; UK.

“Unlike the reviews of the 50 Shades of Grey film, Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer will not leave you cold. I for one loved it. I couldn’t put it down! Absolutely brilliant!”
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Rebecca Chapman, Marketing Manager, Riverview Law; UK & USA.

“readable, fast-paced and engaging. For lawyers unaware of the seismic shift set to shake up both the technology and legal industries, it is a wake-up call. For those already alive to the changes that lie ahead it offers well-researched evidence and insights.”
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William Robins, COO, Keystone Law; UK & USA.

“I was concerned that Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer would be very futuristic and not have much to provide Tomorrow’s Lawyer today. However, I am very pleased to report that this was certainly not the case. Whilst Chrissie did stray into the territory of the iCyborg lawyer and distant galaxies far, far away she also brought us down to earth with the things that today’s lawyers should be doing today in order to survive tomorrow…I liked the fact that Chrissie suggests that we need to sound human to differentiate the robots from us. She gives you ways to do just that.”
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Brian Inkster; Founder of Inksters; Scotland.

“New Law Thinking from a New Law Thinker … essential reading.”
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Charles Christian, Owner and Editor at Legal IT Insider and The Orange Rag; UK.

“To wake up naked and also feel confident about the future you have to read the book. And you have to go all the way.”
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Max Hubner, Director Corporate Legal and Tax at PGGM, Utrecht, Netherlands.


Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw – How to be successful, 2015 to 2045. Paperback Book.
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“The book is provocative and delightful. I am sure it will have a positive impact on thinking in the legal sector.”
Stephen Denyer, Head of City and International, The Law Society; England and Wales.

“Still in the book. Stopped at 3 last night… You are awesome!”
Max Hubner, Director Corporate Legal and Tax at PGGM; Netherlands.

“Love it! The Naked Lawyer does it again!”
Mitch Jackson, Super Lawyer, California; USA.

“Didn’t realise you are such a futurist”…  “Lightfoot’s ideas and style will be inspirational for some and totally incomprehensible to others.”
Richard Chaplin, Founder & Executive Chairman Managing Partners’ Forum, Professional Marketing Forum; UK.

“She’s done it again: the world’s most connected lawyer urges her readers to push their limits and imagination as to what’s possible in the new legal world. Her approach is entirely unconventional; a refreshing and mischievous way to shake up long-held beliefs and prepare you for your roaring future!”
Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein, CEO, The Buying Legal Council; USA.

“Chrissie Lightfoot’s book cuts through the usual nonsense about law firm growth and management to call for a totally different paradigm in the way firms are organized, run and deal with clients. For firms that pay attention, it is a vision of a bright new world; for those thinking they are immune to changes in the business of law, it may be their death knell. The book is a remarkable bit of thinking and writing, and has earned its high critical praise.”
James Bliwas, Managing Director and Management strategy, marketing and communications executive, Toronto, Ontario; Canada.

“Chrissie has spotted all kinds of trends that seem to pass most lawyers by. Why the legal profession is so slow to spot trends and what customers REALLY want is a mystery. All managing partners of law firms should read this book. It contains great insights and some harsh truths about what clients think and where the buying power is moving to.”
Elizabeth Ward, Managing Director, Virtuoso Legal, Leeds; UK.


“Wonderful sequel… Her brush strokes also have such compelling (and evidenced) force that they will frighten the pants off a lot of lawyers… That is why this latest book is so necessary.”
Stephen Mayson, Professor of legal services regulation at the university of law, and honorary professor in the Centre for Ethics and Law at University College London; UK.

Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw – How to be successful, 2015 to 2045. Paperback Book.
(Please note you will be transacting with Ark Group as Supplier and subject to its terms and conditions)


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