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Let’s take a sneaky peek inside Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer



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recap: the naked lawyer

introduction: XXX rated – tomorrow’s lawyer

  • the law is an arse
  • the naked rambler
  • the future?
  • portfolio handbag – skills and careers
  • XXX – sexily serendipitous, salubriously serene, socially savvy
  • after dark activity

Chapter 1 – new and sexy law law land

  • begin with the future in mind
  • the kind of world we live in
  • high price for law and justice
  • the kind of law law land we live in
  • 1 in 3 law firms face financial meltdown
  • new sexy models and players
  • new sexy markets
  • after dark activity

Chapter 2: trends, tips and robot hits

  • time to get naked
  • social media, social networking trends, and statistics
  • social tips for 2015
  • marketing is dead
  • intimacy, service, branding, and reputation matters most
  • marketing trends for 2015
  • robot hits in 2015
  • no more B2B or B2C: there is only H2H
  • sounding human
  • after dark activity

Chapter 3: our robotic life 2015 – 2045

  • certainties in uncertain times
  • the age of unlawyering
  • the singularity
  • 2030: rise of the iCyborg lawyer
  • 2045 when iLawyers transcend biology
  • my dear Watson: the legal game changer
  • utopia or road to hell?
  • the robot has left the house of law
  • after dark activity

Chapter 4: tomorrow’s naked lawyer

  • life without risk is like no life at all
  • are you prepared for 2015–2045?
  • gamification of legal education
  • psycho-lawyernetics
  • legal life career making skills
  • rainmaking
  • storytelling and creativity
  • confidence
  • the dreaded follow-up
  • law school: but not as you know it
  • the entrepreneurial lawyer
  • tomorrow’s naked lawyer
  • after dark activity

Chapter 5: SocialHuman

  • 2015: social savvy junkie re-invented
  • SocialHuman: a leap of brand
  • ‘Brand,Me’, ‘Brand,Product’, ‘Brand,Firm’
  • smart brand piggy-backing
  • smart pricing of the social brand message
  • smart words that sell
  • smart behaviour that sells
  • social selling
  • 2015–2020: the next big thing in SOCIAL
  • ROAR case studies
  • Law Plain and Simple
  • the bad and the darn right pants
  • after dark activity

Chapter 6: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw

  • NewTech
  • frazzled brain, fluffy cloud
  • what’s missing?
  • NewHuman
  • Robot wife, robot hooker
  • Robot evolution or revolution
  • NewLaw
  • robot lawyer, robot boss and robot judge?
  • the new law for the Digital, Robotic, and Interstellar Ages
  • after dark activity

Volume 7: the age of magic and miracles

  • it’s a miracle
  • comfort from uncertainty
  • joy in contrast
  • rising to a challenge
  • era of opportunity
  • magic in the courtroom
  • change your world or change the world?
  • after dark activity


  • what’s next pussycat?
  • get in touch
  • get naked



I don’t have all the answers…

My job is to comfort those of you who have piercing questions, or scare the hell out of some of you who haven’t yet begun to question your likely future and career, if any!

Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw – How to be successful, 2015 to 2045. Paperback Book.
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