Radical! Law Plain and Simple

Posted on March 10th, 2013 by Chrissie Lightfoot

I’ve just come across a new on-line and impartial legal information and guidance website for consumers and businesses. And it’s free.

Called Law Plain and Simple and written by qualified solicitors – no, this is not a misnomer or a joke 🙂 – the website explains in plain and easy to understand English the fundamentals of the law and its standard processes, as well as translating its terminology.  It has step-by-step guides covering 39 of the most common legal categories, ranging from bankruptcy, wills and trusts and business law to Intellectual Property Rights, guidance about social media and social networking and even image rights!

Clearly, the website avoids legal jargon and has been written in very basic English to help us understand the law and how it might affect us in particular circumstances; it also helps us know and understand our rights but without any obligation or commitment. If you go to the website you can access information anonymously since we’re not required to register nor provide any personal information that could be followed up.

Thankfully it’s clearly not a “comparison” website (the world can do without another one of those) but purely an information rich source, with legal professionals contributing regular articles and law updates.  I reckon you’ll find the website extremely useful, particularly as it grows with even more informative legal and business content and articles.  It certainly fills a gap in the market which hasn’t been served by any other player, until now.

Truly, Law Plain and Simple does exactly what it says on the tin. In simple terms it’s ideal as a first point of call for anyone who is looking to gain a basic understanding of the law in lots of areas which touch our day to day lives, whether personal or professional.  The ‘legal guides’ are a perfect starter for ten and a springboard upon which to learn more from the legal experts in the law firm directory embedded within the website.

I reckon this new website service will be welcomed by those of us who are too frightened or embarrassed to seek advice directly from a lawyer or a consumer advice agency, as well as those of us who simply don’t want to divulge our personal details. Let’s face it, at some point in our lives, we all need legal help and advice. It’s inevitable. What should not be inevitable is feeling daunted by the law, the legal profession or lawyers; for most of us, the mere prospect of visiting a solicitor, legal executive or barrister can be unnerving.

I guess this is what Law Plain and Simple is really all about though; a little bit of knowledge, just so we’ve got enough information to then be confident, ask questions and get the most out of our visit to a legal professional.

It certainly looks like the website is on a mission to make law as plain and simple as possible by adopting a radical new approach to legal information and guidance where a little knowledge is a wonderful thing.”

Chrissie Lightfoot

The Entrepreneur Lawyer

Author of The Naked Lawyer: RIP to XXX – How To Market, Brand & Sell YOU!

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