Keynote Speaker 2018

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Chrissie Lightfoot – one of the world’s Leading Legal Futurists…

* named in the ABA (American Bar Association’s) Law Technology Resource Center’s Women of Legal Tech 2018 list (a distinction reserved for 25 stand-out women throughout the world in tech and law);
* named in the National Law Journal’s (USA and UK) 2018 Inaugural List of Legal AI Leaders (an exclusive list of 49 global entrepreneur/company trail-blazers);
winner of the AI 2018 Leading Advisor Awards for Leading Sales and Legal Coach of the Year, UK;
* winner of the AI 2017 Legal Awards for best legal professional coaching company;
named in the 2015 list of the ‘World’s Top Female Futurists’;
* named LinkedIn No.1 best-connected & most engaged woman in the legal industry, 4th in all sectors, 2015;
* International Top 100 Executive and Legal Professional of the year 2013.

“I think what you are doing (with Robot Lawyer LISA) is bloody genius. I really think that you are onto a winner and I loved hearing you speak at Datscha. It was really inspiring!”
Charlotte Dove McCarthy, Commercial Director, Infabode, UK.

“Great speaker, industry maverick, and person!”
Mark A. Cohen, CEO Legal Mosaic and Forbes columnist, USA.

“An inspiring talk from Chrissie Lightfoot this afternoon. A true legal futurist and also someone who is putting into practice what she  preaches!”
Dylan Hawkey, Seasonal Clerk at Steinepreis Paganin, Perth, Australia.

“Totally engrossed by her closing keynote talk… A fantastic way to cap off The Law Society of NSW inaugural FLIP conference!”
Cullen Haynes, Asset Finance Specialist, Sydney, Australia.

“I’ve been following your articles for a few years. They are a pleasure to read… AI will make the industrial revolution look small. Your insights have been way ahead of the game. Many people will be thanking you in years to come. Keep up your great work.”
Darren Kelly, Founder, The Hot Word, UK.

The conference was a huge success. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without your support and the stellar speaking performance that you delivered during your panel and keynote!”
Martina Ludvigova, Strategic Membership Manager, The Law Society of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

“Many thanks for the brilliant speech this afternoon in Zurich. You are a game-changer!”
Erik Erismann, Attorney at law, Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd, Zurich, Switzerland. 

“Your work in legal tech is a real inspiration!
Nicholas Marouchak, Director & Founder at MKI Legal, Australia.

“Many thanks Chrissie for your excellent speech. It set the scene perfectly for a day of challenging the status quo, exploring what the future might hold for the profession at large and thinking about how we can embrace new technologies such as AI to ensure our lawyers continue to prosper and flourish”
Rolland Keane, Business Development Director, Penningtons Manches, UK and USA.

“We have heard that Chrissie Lightfoot’s speech at the Norwegian Bar Association before summer was brilliant. Would it be possible for you to give a similar lecture at our conference?”
Michael Rummelhoff, Norwegian Lawyers Association, Norway.

“Chrissie isn’t just an outstanding professional; she’s a visionary, with a remarkable expertise in legal tech. Her speech at my company’s ‘Legal Talks’ event was just striking (for lack of a better adjective), and her vision and knowledge are noteworthy. In short: an amazing person, and a wondrous professional!”
Fabio Augusto Costa Abrahao, Tikal Tech, Brazil.

One of the most insightful experts on the future of the legal market! She has the ability to “wake up” the listeners with an eloquent description of the past, the present and the future… (she) truly engaged the listeners with her vast knowledge of the Legal industry.”
Knut-Magnar Aanestad, Chief Knowledge Officer and Head of Information Technology at Schjodt Law Firm, Norway.

“Wow!! What an amazing presenter… practical, fun, hands onDo not miss the opportunity to hear what Chrissie has to say and engage her services for your people.  It is a very worthwhile investment!!
Trish Greenwood, General Manager, Malley & Co Lawyers, Christchurch, New Zealand.

“I am thrilled each time I find out that Chrissie will be speaking at an event I am attending. It’s so refreshing to listen to a speaker who actual knows what she’s talking about having been at the coal face and actually practiced successfully what she preaches. Her passion for combining innovative technologies within the legal profession is testament to her inquisitive forward thinking nature.  Wherever Chrissie speaks, she will always impart nuggets of wisdom which are yours for the taking.” 
Paula Fowler, Managing Partner, Fisher Jones Greenwood LLP, England.

Brilliant and inspiring speaker…”
Bartlomiej Zwardon, conference interpreter/translator polish-spanish-english, Poland.

… she wooed and wowed the audience with devastating effect!  She is a huge draw for attendees. We were delighted with her significant contribution.”
Larry Fenelon, Managing Partner, Leman Solicitors, Ireland.

“So impressed by @TheNakedLawyer for the great job moderating all of #lexpo16 Amsterdam as well as making the fantastic opening presentation. Amazing!”
Virtual Intelligence, Sweden.

“I contracted Chrissie to chair the first edition of Lexpo – the legal innovation event and to deliver a keynote. Chrissie did a fabulous job, not only during the event but also running up to the event. The keynote was very insightful and though-provoking. Chrissie also led the panel discussions and was able to stimulate not only the panel members, but also involve the audience. A job very well done, thanks a million Chrissie!”
Rob Ameerun, Founder & CEO, Asfour – IT Strategy for Law firms, Netherlands.

“You did great! You were the anchor, the facilitator, the whip that kept everyone focused.”
Jaap Bosman, Divisional Director, Principal Partner, TGO Consulting, Netherlands.

Michael Eardley, Divisional Director, Willis, UK.

“Thank you for your excellent presentation at the event hosted by the Norwegian Bar Association. You handled the subject in a very insightful and interesting way. Lots of great takeaways from your speech!
Christian Grande, head of Marketing, Schjodt Law Firm, Norway.

“Awesome speech!”
Joanna Goodman, columnist Law Society Gazette, editor Legal IT, freelance journlaist and writer, UK.

“Superb panellist contribution!”
VincentConnor, Partner, Pinsent Masons, Head of Hong Kong Office.

“I had the pleasure to listen to your presentation at Advokatforeningens seminar this week in Oslo. You have an extraordinary way of presenting technology and business in a way that make sense !
Gisele Marchand, CEO, Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS, Norway.

“Thank you for an inspiring lecture and a very useful and pleasant conversation afterwards.” 
Fred Richard Elsheim, Attorney at Law, Group Legal, DNB Bank ASA, Norway.

Delegates were WOWed by her ‘naked’ approach, style and content… (and) her uniquely ROAR advice…”
Simon Tupman, law firm innovation specialist, Future Firm Forum conference organiser, New Zealand.

“… you go a lot further into the future than Professor Richard Susskind in his talks. It is a scary thought but hopefully one that we can capitalise on.”
Ashley Fairbrother, Edmonds Marshall McMahon, UK.

“… technological developments at a high level … potential impact on professional services … you took that awareness to a very new level. Your talk was fascinating and it’s given me an opportunity to consider application of technologies in a way that I hadn’t contemplated before!”
Ruth Finch, Solicitor FSR, UK.

“… delivered a fascinating talk which really gave our delegates a real jolt. Chrissie reminded them that embracing change need not be a step in the dark, but rather a chance to revitalise their businesses. Chrissie is a pro who is very knowledgeable and above all, good fun to work with!
Marek Handzel, Editor, Claims Magazine – Leeds & Yorkshire Lawyer, Leeds, UK.

“If you want to conquer Social Media then you must listen to this lady – brilliant!”
David Lister, Founder & MD, Law Plain And Simple. Founder & MD X-Press Legal Services, UK.

“Super inspiring and informative Keynote at PM strategy day!”
Mark Collins, Partner and Director of Knowledge Management, Penningtons Manches, UK and USA .

I’d be delighted and honoured to speak at conferences, events, seminars, partner meetings, management meetings and private gatherings in the UK and internationally…

You will note from the positioning of EntrepreneurLawyer together with my knowledge, experience, strengths and talents that I would be ideally suited to present to:

* Lawyers

* Entrepreneurs

* Professional Practice

* Innovative and ambitious people and businesses


  • NewHuman 2015 to 2045 – Uncertainty, Contrast, Challenge, Opportunity
  • Robot Law – what the ethics?! From Robot Hooker to Marsian Law
  • Artificial Intelligence, iCyborg Lawyer and Robot Lawyer
  • NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw – evolution and the art of re-invention
  • The humanisation of lawyering when using Technology – capture the data, capture attention, capture the client; be captivating, engaging and enchanting! Strategies for boosting profit margins.
  • SocialHuman – marketing is dead
  • The future of law and lawyering
  • The changing role of the lawyer
  • Innovation – strategies for success
  • ‘Brand,Me’ and ‘Brand,Firm’ – creation & alignment
  • Social Media and Social Networking to maximise your bottom line
  • Achieving increased sales through marketing, branding and selling smartly
  • Niching for unique positioning
  • Business Development 20:20
  • Increasing value through referral strategies and relationships
  • Get new clients; keep existing clients; leverage the relationship
  • Communication & Behaviour
  • Extraordinary client relationships – knowing you, knowing them
  • Emotional intelligence, self awareness, self confidence, ethics and authenticity

Do feel free to get in touch

I’d be delighted to be involved 🙂

2018 events & conferences

Dec 10-11 The Law Society of Hong Kong, Hong-Kong, China. Keynote Speaker on two ‘hot topic’ presentations to the members and private consultation to the Council & Committee: “The future is Expertise Automation – from theory to practice, 2018 to 2025” and “Human & Machine – 2018 to 2025: The role and skill-set of the lawyer and machine of today and tomorrow.”

Nov 7 – Mills & Reeve LLP Annual Conference, London, UK. Private event. Roundtable chair: Theme – “Mind & Machine Expertise: Better Together.” Topic – “Time is of the essence to future-proof YOU and your business by embracing existing and emerging AI technologies together with your clients, now. Let’s explore and discuss how!”

Oct 3 – Aosphere (Allen & Overy) Annual Conference, Buckinghamshire, UK. Opening Keynote Speaker. Theme: “Challenging the norm: AI & Robots in legal service delivery.” More details to follow.

Sep 27  Nordic Business Forum, Helsinki, Finland. Roschier Attorneys Ltd private gathering annual conference. Interviewing Andrew McAfee on the topic “Mind vs Machine”. And keynote speaker: “Emotionally Intelligent Lawyers with Artificially Intelligent Machines – Better Together!

Sep 14 The Law Society of New South Wales, Annual Conference, Sydney, Australia. Keynote Speaker: “Emotionally Intelligent Lawyers with Artificially Intelligent Machines – Better Together!

Sep 11 Centre for legal Innovation, The College of Law, ALPMA and University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia. Keynote Speaker: “Challenging the Norm! Human & Machine: a dynamic duo in law, business, society and life.”

June 22Schellenberg Wittmer law firm, (private) Annual Conference, Zurich, Switzerland. Keynote Speaker and panel member. Theme: The Future of the Legal Profession. Keynote: “Emotionally Intelligent Lawyers with Artificially Intelligent Machines – Better Together!”

June 18Legal Transformation Days 2018, Annual Conference, Berlin, Germany. Speaker and panel member: “Robots, AI and the digitalization of the Legal Ecosystem: 2018 to 2030.

June 12Estates Gazette Tech Live event (London Tech Week), London, UK. Speaker and panel member: “How to become a data whizz (and other concerns).”

May 16 – Professions gathering, London. Invite only – private dinner party. Speaker: “Robots and AI in society and law: A Golden Age for Access to Legal Services.

Apr 26 – UK House of Lords Select Committee and Big Innovation, House of Commons, London. Invite only session. Debate: to consider the recommendations of the Select Committee’s AI Report and the future of the UK’s AI strategy.

Mar 14  – UniSpace annual conference, London. Theme: “Challenging the norm”. Speaker and panel member. “Robots and AI in Law: The Golden Age for the Buyer of Legal Services.”

Feb 15  – PropTeq, London. Speaker and panel member. More details to follow.

Jan 31 – Entrepreneurial Barrister, Middle Temple, London. Speaker and panel member. “How to be an entrepreneurial barrister”.



Would YOU like to generate £500,000+ of new client legal sales enquiries this year for you and your firm?

Here’s how …

Legal Masterclass: how to get more sales using social media and social networking. For lawyers, by a lawyer!

BESPOKE, PRACTICAL and ENGAGING full day turbo SALES legal masterclass / course designed SPECIFICALLY FOR LAWYERS to produce results – delivered by a newly qualified solicitor whom achieved exactly that during the recession …

Do YOU need to:

  • Get more clients, referrals, sales, fee-income and success through the use of social media?
  • Create and maintain your personal brand and persona?
  • Establish your specialism, niche and expertise online?
  • Build trust and credibility?
  • Connect with potential clients and referrers online?
  • Share best practice?
  • Use social media to create “inbound” sales & marketing opportunities for your firm?

Do YOU want to:

  • Generate sales, clients and referrals using online networks?
  • Find and respond to sales enquiries sent into the social stream?
  • Plan your time to include efficient and effective use of timely social media?
  • Create and maintain a relevant and up-to-date profile?
  • Distinguish between online social persona, professional identity & company brand?
  • Extend your network in a matter of minutes?
  • Comment on blogs to drive traffic, create trust and demonstrate expertise?
  • Use LinkedIn Questions and Answers to establish and evidence expertise?
  • Use LinkedIn Groups to create community and share best practice?
  • Identify the social media elements most pertinent to your role and aims?
  • Compare and contrast the different applications in the landscape of social media?
  • Create short, trackable links to websites and your personal profile?
  • Tweet and update your social status?
  • State the purpose of your social media use?
  • Source and identify appropriate content for your social stream?
  • Analyse your social media success?

By the end of the day course would YOU have liked to:

  • Begun sales generation activity?
  • Created a personal “brand” message for your professional identity?
  • Set up your online profile in LinkedIn, with a unique professional web address?
  • Set up your online profile on Twitter, with company branding?
  • Created a account, to enable link tracking?

Are you interested in attending a course of this nature?  If so, get in touch. I will be delighted to have the opportunity to personally notify you of the next available course.

Chrissie Lightfoot


The Entrepreneur Lawyer

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