entrepreneurlawyer’s value pricing

what is it?

Value Pricing is one of EntrepreneurLawyer’s core values. It is a fixed price that we agree together as a fair price for addressing your priority needs and crafting bespoke solution packages aligned with your ability to pay, liquidity and cash-flow reality.

Easy payment terms are absolutely on the agenda, everything is negotiable and the range of EntrepreneurLawyer’s products and services means that you will always find something affordable to meet your needs and circumstance, whether you are purchasing as an individual or as an entity. I understand that albeit ‘the law’ is a profession it is also a business. We’re all in the same turbulent waters right now.

You are the best and brightest legal professionals and business leaders of the day who are poised to revolutionise the legal profession, business world and many sectors. You will be the industry leaders of tomorrow. No matter what stage you are at in your legal or business career you deserve the same degree of respect, understanding and opportunity to grow and develop. EntrepreneurLawyer is a provider that is motivated by delivering world-class service while working effectively, efficiently and transparently.  Value Pricing makes your success our success.

how does it work?

With Value Pricing I will discuss with you your individual and/or firm goals and objectives, value drivers, and the way you choose to do business with me.  Then, we put our heads together to explore the best way to craft a bespoke solution and I provide you with realistic and practical choices. Together, we agree on a Fixed, Value Price for products and services and then we get to work!

why is it better?

It’s transparent, predictable and fair to both parties. I can only provide the tailored solution you require by getting to know you, understand your aspirations and the way you wish to do business. To build an enduring professional relationship with you requires an investment at the very beginning on both our parts. We work as a team to discuss value and devise a solution that will work for you and/or your firm for the short, medium and long term.

Simply put, EntrepreneurLawyer allows you to walk yourself through the sales development process at a fraction of the cost and at an affordable pace that suits you allowing you to choose which type of product or service suits you best and over what period of time.

Law firms can secure significant discounts on purchases based on the quantity of lawyers engaging.

how does it compare?

Bottom line – you get more value for your money!  Our value relationship is built on candid conversations and transparency.  Constant communication by me lets you know exactly what to expect.  Mutually set expectations are critical and will be agreed from the outset so that we both set off in the same direction to achieve your goal. My focus is always on delivering the maximum value with the minimum of fuss.  With a Fixed, Value Price, my interest lies in efficiently and effectively delivering the highest standard of quality and service to you, always.

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