Volume 5: raving referral lobsters rule!

Whether you are a lawyer or not, if you have had dealings with the legal profession, or if you simply wish to try some refreshingly new ways of marketing, branding and selling yourself, then this eBook is for YOU!…

Calling all entrepreneurs, non-lawyers, professionals, lawyers, solicitors, attorneys and lawyers2b with a sense of humour and an interest in the following:

  • Would you like to know how to market, brand and sell yourself (i.e. YOU and your product / service) in this digital era successfully?
  • Would you like more ‘choice’, ‘change’ and/or ‘control’ in the direction of your career, business or life?
  • Would you like to generate £500,000+ of new client work enquiries this year?
  • Would you like to be entertained whilst being informed?

read on! …

Throughout this Volume 5, I share with you why and how to establish and build a raving referral network fast, to last, by bringing your Emotional Intelligence, Niche and ‘Brand,Me’ into play. It is one of the first real DOING elements in applying the ‘how to market, brand and sell YOU!’ based on the preparatory THINKING foundations in relation to your reading and carrying out the activities in Volumes 1 through to 4 of The Naked Lawyer.

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raving referral lobsters rule! - the 4th element of the ROAR model

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Fancy a sneaky peek inside?…


getting under your skin
– skinny dipping?
– naked guide
– plunging in where lawyers fear to tread
– what’s a raving referral lobster?

referral lobster net-kingdom
– hard-core FMSP
– Big Rocks, wwwwwh and prrrrrrr revision
– why focus on building a raving referral network?
– who could I rave with?
– what can I rave about?
– when should I rave and build?
– where do I rave and build?
– how will I build my lobster net-kingdom to last…fast?

ready to rave?
– gimme those 2 drugs!
– 80:20 / G:R
– clicking with peeps I know, like, trust AND…?
– understand, ‘get’, share a common interest

dirty dancing with Big Rock lobsters
– the devil’s in the ‘Me,Tale’
– the ROAR benefits system

fish nets!
– super lawyer fish-nets
– I’m having a stocking malfunction!

after dark activity
– extraordinary lobsters make extraordinary rainmakers
– naked lawyer activity – a study worth casing
– ROAR steps
– ROAR tips
– ROAR quiz

ROAR summation
– raving lobsters simply click ‘n’ mix
– what’s next?
– get in touch
– get naked

Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook Volume 5

raving referral lobsters rule! - the 4th element of the ROAR model

£12.50 (exc. VAT) Buy now


…Time to put all this stuff into positive action.
Time to take the plunge and go where most lawyers fear to tread.
Time to exit ‘The Comfort Zone’, ‘The Ivory Tower’ and ‘Law Law Land’.
Time to free the cubicle grinders’ monkey slave.
Time to venture into raving ‘Referral Lobster Net-Kingdom’ and ‘Client Territory’.
Time to be build some bridges to multiple kinds of valued referrers and potential clients.

Oh-oh. Naked!


Because it’s about survival in the self-reliance human economy and legal world and thriving in the topsy-turvy digital era.

… I totally ‘get’ where Cole Silver is coming from in his belief that:

Unfortunately, the majority of attorneys assume that all they need in order to be successful in their practice is a high degree of expertise in their chosen area. This is no longer true. The only factor that will ensure your continued success is having more knowledge about marketing… the ironic thing about marketing is that it could be the very activity that brings many attorneys back to the enjoyment of practicing the law. The development of deep and rewarding client relationships, which are in alignment with your interests and values, offers a solution for a less stressful, freedom-driven, and purposeful career as a lawyer.

…I figured if I’m going to go fishing to catch a big raving referral lobster then I need to go fishing where the right people aka Big Rock lobsters are!

RIP to XXX rave reviews…


The Naked Lawyer eBook is absolutely unique… there is nothing in the market place to compare, like for like, at present…

It is an unabashed mix of brutal honesty and sexiness combined with a practical, educational and innovative sales model…

It aims to surprise, inspire and delight from start to finish.

Reading The Naked Lawyer, carrying out the ‘after dark activities’ suggested within it and the VALUE of the information shared would be the equivalent to attending multiple fragmented workshops (online or offline) over 3-5 days – minimum!

You can figure out the likely cost of that for yourself.

Buy the full box set, all 12 volumes, RIP to XXX, and you will save yourself a heck of a lot of spondulicks!

Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook Volume 5

raving referral lobsters rule! - the 4th element of the ROAR model

£12.50 (exc. VAT) Buy now

Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook now

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