Volume 12: XXX rated – tomorrow’s lawyer

Whether you are a lawyer or not, if you have had dealings with the legal profession, or if you simply wish to try some refreshingly new ways of marketing, branding and selling yourself, then this eBook is for YOU!…

Calling all entrepreneurs, non-lawyers, professionals, lawyers, solicitors, attorneys and lawyers2b with a sense of humour and an interest in the following:

  • Would you like to know how to market, brand and sell yourself (i.e. YOU and your product / service) in this digital era successfully?
  • Would you like more ‘choice’, ‘change’ and/or ‘control’ in the direction of your career, business or life?
  • Would you like to generate £500,000+ of new client work enquiries this year?
  • Would you like to be entertained whilst being informed?

read on! …

This final Volume brings everything together. It’s a wrap-up volume. If you’re up for becoming a Tomorrow’s Lawyer, today, by making the transition from traditional lawyering to entrepreneurial lawyering of the truly naked kind, then Volume 12 is an information rich volume where I present you with a summary of the key takeaways and quick fix tips from Volumes 1 through to11, to achieve exactly that. We look back over the entire ROAR model and I share with you the ROAR model diagram.

We then look forwards and I discuss the kind of future mankind is likely to experience and proffer some ideas as to the enlarged options you might consider due to your now expanded portfolio of skills. Given this outlook, I even have the audacity to suggest that we should make our future XXX rated; sexily serendipitous, salubriously serene and socially savvy.

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XXX rated - tomorrow's lawyer - the wrap up of the ROAR model

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Fancy a sneaky peek inside?…


• yes! yes!! yes!!!
– tomorrow’s lawyer
– ROAR nightcap

• XXX rated
– after dark, before light
– smorgasbord of quick fix tips
– the future’s…?
– portfolio handbag: skills and careers
– sexily serendipitous, salubriously serene, socially savvy

• after dark activity
– come away with me
– naked lawyer activity – a study worth casing
– ROAR steps
– ROAR tips
– ROAR quiz

• ROAR summation
– star gazer, dream maker

– what’s next pussycat?
– get in touch
– get naked

Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook Volume 12

XXX rated - tomorrow's lawyer - the wrap up of the ROAR model

£12.50 (exc. VAT) Buy now


… placing hand on heart, IMHO, although I really do understand that many of us lawyers are uncomfortable with selling ourselves, I passionately, wholeheartedly, unreservedly and unquestionably believe that in this digital, consumer sovereign, highly competitive, human economy, self reliance decade (and century), that rainmaking is an activity that you simply cannot avoid.
I do believe that not only is it a skill that will enable you to survive, it will help you thrive, in business and life.

As a legal colleague neatly puts it

‘Marketing (and sales) is a world away from the sober, deliberate, careful, fastidious, introverted work we lawyers are trained to do, and accustomed to doing…
Rainmakers must be engaging, entertaining, gregarious, and extrovert, at least to a degree…There is no natural law that states that these two very different sets of qualities (lawyering and rainmaking) cannot exist in the same person. We lawyers must learn to switch between them as necessary…’

If you become and/or remain a lawyer then my legal experience and business experience has led me to believe that for you to stay ahead of the ‘competition’ and to attract the entrepreneurial and business owner/decision maker clients of the past, present and future, you’re going to have to deliver outstanding client service and develop extraordinary relationships…

You’re going to have to ROAR to make your clients’ grade. Building a portfolio of skills is a sure fire way of achieving this.

I reckon that the combination of commercial savvy, business nous, soft skills, rainmaking skills and technical law excellence will be a Godsend in order to capture the hearts and minds of lobsters, prospects, clients and colleagues.

RIP to XXX rave reviews…


The Naked Lawyer eBook is absolutely unique… there is nothing in the market place to compare, like for like, at present…

It is an unabashed mix of brutal honesty and sexiness combined with a practical, educational and innovative sales model…

It aims to surprise, inspire and delight from start to finish.

Reading The Naked Lawyer, carrying out the ‘after dark activities’ suggested within it and the VALUE of the information shared would be the equivalent to attending multiple fragmented workshops (online or offline) over 3-5 days – minimum!

You can figure out the likely cost of that for yourself.

Buy the full box set, all 12 volumes, RIP to XXX, and you will save yourself a heck of a lot of spondulicks!

Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook Volume 12

XXX rated - tomorrow's lawyer - the wrap up of the ROAR model

£12.50 (exc. VAT) Buy now

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