Volume 10: continual stimulation

Whether you are a lawyer or not, if you have had dealings with the legal profession, or if you simply wish to try some refreshingly new ways of marketing, branding and selling yourself, then this eBook is for YOU!…

Calling all entrepreneurs, non-lawyers, professionals, lawyers, solicitors, attorneys and lawyers2b with a sense of humour and an interest in the following:

  • Would you like to know how to market, brand and sell yourself (i.e. YOU and your product / service) in this digital era successfully?
  • Would you like more ‘choice’, ‘change’ and/or ‘control’ in the direction of your career, business or life?
  • Would you like to generate £500,000+ of new client work enquiries this year?
  • Would you like to be entertained whilst being informed?

read on! …

This Volume 10 is dedicated to the subject of ‘innovation’. Innovation is why you will continually stimulate and arouse curiosity in your referrers, prospects and clients. It is the element that makes the ROAR model timeless and is fundamental to your continual personal and professional development. It’s what will make YOU exciting to know, like, trust, understand, ‘get’ and share commonality with the people (personally and professionally) in your life. Understanding and appreciating innovation will help you make changes for the better in yourself, as you re-invent you and your approach to business.

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continual stimulation - the 9th element of the ROAR model

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Fancy a sneaky peek inside?…


• touch, touch and touch me again
– naked guide
– innovation and stimulating LIC

• innovate everything!
– innovate what, why?
– the ROAR model innovations
– innovating the business process

• trouble and strife
– what’s on my mind?
– ABS, collaboration and virtual lawyering

• forward to a stimulating future
– opportunity rocks: LIC, value and niche
– trends, challenges, ideas, choice and change
– paradigm shift

• after dark activity
– positively stimulating
– naked lawyer activity – a study worth casing
– ROAR steps
– ROAR tips
– ROAR quiz

• ROAR summation
– no rules here, we’re innovating stuff
– what’s next?
– get in touch
– get naked

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continual stimulation - the 9th element of the ROAR model

£12.50 (exc. VAT) Buy now


Back in 2006 I presented Boss Lawyer with a book written by Ray Kurzweil, a celebrated futurist, in which he… speaks of technological change as exponential, and exponential growth in the rate of exponential growth.


… duly note this. Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that over the next five years or so, social networking would make it possible to, ‘pick any industry and rethink it’, as internet experiences are redesigned to take into account social connections.

Hmmm… social connections… social communications… social clients… social lawyers…

Let’s take the legal industry shall we?

Let’s rethink the legal profession shall we?

I’ll share my thoughts with you in the following pages…

… I’d like to share with you now Patrick Lamb’s thinking on the future of the legal industry.

‘The change the legal industry is experiencing is ‘disruptive’, meaning that it will improve our service in ways the market does not expect…Susskind and others are imagining a future for the profession where…clients will be the beneficiaries of these efficiencies…Disruptive change is inevitable. Indeed, it is happening now. The challenge for every lawyer and every law firm is whether one will shape one’s future or merely hold on to the rollercoaster hoping not to get thrown off.’

Hear, hear!

… Taking on board the predictions and views of numerous scholars, futurists and lawyers I would suggest that LIC will become our core tradable commodity of value, in the present and future, to ensure our survival.

Accordingly, it will become even more imperative to specialise, niche and extol ‘Brand,You’. Law firm corporate cosseting will be obsolete come 2020-25 I reckon, so you’d best have a few aces up your sleeve…

… Continual innovation, re-invention and honing of your LIC – the Super Lawyer essence – in being able to truly ROAR, identify with, empathise and care about the client and his/her business and/or predicament (being human) will be fundamental in your success rate with regard to a lobster, prospect and/or client choosing YOU above another legal product or service alternative…

… The ROAR model is simply one innovation that will either be pooh-poohed or championed…

… It’s a model which helps you to keep re-inventing yourself and to make changes for the better…

… it’s a new idea in how to market and sell legal services for the benefit of many parties by focusing on the unique talents and strengths that reside within YOU, and not the entity you are a slave to.

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The Naked Lawyer eBook is absolutely unique… there is nothing in the market place to compare, like for like, at present…

It is an unabashed mix of brutal honesty and sexiness combined with a practical, educational and innovative sales model…

It aims to surprise, inspire and delight from start to finish.

Reading The Naked Lawyer, carrying out the ‘after dark activities’ suggested within it and the VALUE of the information shared would be the equivalent to attending multiple fragmented workshops (online or offline) over 3-5 days – minimum!

You can figure out the likely cost of that for yourself.

Buy the full box set, all 12 volumes, RIP to XXX, and you will save yourself a heck of a lot of spondulicks!

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continual stimulation - the 9th element of the ROAR model

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