Volume 1: RIP – announcing the ROAR model

FREE Volume 1: RIP – announcing the ROAR model

How to get more:

  • clients
  • sales
  • referrals
  • income
  • value
  • growth
  • success

Download: The Naked Lawyer Volume 1:
RIP – announcing the ROAR model (PDF, 760KB)

Whether you are a lawyer or not, if you have had dealings with the legal profession, or if you simply wish to try some refreshingly new ways of marketing, branding and selling yourself, then this eBook is for YOU !

Calling all entrepreneurs, non-lawyers, professionals, lawyers, solicitors, attorneys and lawyers2b with a sense of humour and an interest in the following:

  • Would you like to know how to market, brand and sell yourself (i.e. YOU and your product / service) in this digital era successfully?
  • Would you like more ‘choice’, ‘change’ and/or ‘control’ in the direction of your career, business or life?
  • Would you like to generate £500,000+ of new client work enquiries this year?
  • Would you like to be entertained whilst being informed?

Then read on! …

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Complete box set: all 12 Volumes, the full ROAR model...

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The first Volume in the complete box set of 12 Volumes of The Naked Lawyer, which comprises the full ROAR model, sets the scene for the following 11 Volumes.

This Volume 1 provides you with the background detailing what the problem is, why I have written The Naked Lawyer, what you’re about to experience in reading the eBook, what you can expect to learn and how to get the best out of the whole Naked Lawyer series.

Fancy a sneaky peek inside?…


what’s the problem?

  • entrepreneurs are from Venus and lawyers are from Mars
  • changing landscape
  • rise of the super lawyer
  • wakey wakey
  • we’re all tombed

why am I writing the naked lawyer?

  • who am I to tell you how to market, brand and sell YOU?
  • status quo doesn’t rock anymore
  • just sit there and do as you’re told
  • eat my dictaphone
  • naked straight from my mind
  • generation ‘Z’
  • do you need to read the naked lawyer?
  • naked straight from my heart
  • it’s a box of frogs

what you’re about to experience

  • new, informative, fun and sexy stuff!
  • naked straight from my gut
  • 12 Volumes
  • ROAR – 3 musketeer models

getting the most out of the naked lawyer

  • the umbrella for the rainy days
  • who will this eBook help the most?
  • get real – perception and reality
  • be a lawyer of tomorrow, today
  • the blueprint
  • education programme
  • sneak preview Volumes 2-12 ‘how to….’
  • titillating tip
  • grow your fuzz to get more buzz!

what’s next?

  • meet the team
  • get in touch
  • be happy
  • the desiderata
  • get naked

Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook now

Complete box set: all 12 Volumes, the full ROAR model...

£20.00 (exc. VAT) Buy now


‘It’s not the End of Lawyers, it’s the End of Law Firms as we know them. They just don’t know that yet.’

…In general (with some exceptions), I feel that we lawyers are absolutely useless at looking after clients’ real needs and expectations…

Extraordinary relationships and customer service will be the holy grail at the heart of the successful super lawyer. Building an enduring value relationship with the consumer, utilising ‘fluffy soft-skills stuff’ combined with a total consumer-centric focus is where the real value will be for the lawyer, law firm and consumer of today and the future …

‘ … the traditional paradigm of law practice really needs to change to face the challenges of our times. Actually, it needed to change a long time ago and most of us knew it when we started to practice, but many of us had our spirits crushed by the “system”. I say “viva the revolution”.’

…I’m going to attempt to cover the whole spectrum of readers and your possible/probable circumstances – albeit probably impossible to achieve the same – that is, age, gender, race, traditionalist, revolutionist, couldn’t give a monkey’s, glass is half empty, glass is half full, glass is overflowing and glass is darn right shattered. Holy grail or paper cup syndrome, stuck in a rut, rat in a cage, waiting for the right time to jump sideways, upwards or onto another ship or path.

To each of you I say that if you believe and feel that you’re stuck and life sucks right now because you can’t change your job, then it’s time to change your mindset.

if you can’t move, improve…

… Choice, change and control is ultimately the undercurrent flowing throughout The Naked Lawyer as you discover and decide how to market, brand and sell yourself in order to survive and thrive in the years to come…

Volume 1 rave reviews:

  • “simply unputdownable”
  • “wow”
  • “refreshing”
  • “witty”
  • “entertaining”
  • “lots of great ideas”
  • “informative”
  • “this is good stuff”
  • “fascinating”
  • “brill”
  • “love it”
  • “fab…absolutely great”
  • “found it very superb”
  • “high octane prose!”
  • “I’ve forwarded it to my team”…

“Loved the premise and really enjoy your writing style. Can’t wait for next installment.”
Scott Garver, Attorney at Law, Principal, NYC, USA

“I was really impressed by Volume 1 of The Naked Lawyer, a truly motivational, marketing and sales book. Going by the first section it promises to be an excellent guide…”
Tim Kevan, barrister (non-practising), The Guardian law blogger, writer, author of ‘Law and Disorder’, London, UK.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful information in The Naked Lawyer. What terrific insight into the profession!!!!”
David Gabor, Attorney at Law, Principal, NYC, USA

“A thoroughly delightful and well conceived bit of writing. As a potential reader if you have not already uncovered The Naked Lawyer, I encourage you to discover for yourself how one individual can help us all understand better our roles and our responsibilities as professionals. One might not be a lawyer, but Ms Lightfoot helps us all know and reach our inner entrepreneur to our profit.”
Gerald Lo, Director, Project Engineering, Technical Services, Environmental, Health and Safety, Nycomed, NYC, USA

“I’m not even a lawyer and I found this an interesting read”
Jonathan Rutter, Oracle Networks, UK

“I found your website/blog somewhat by chance while looking for Richard Susskind’s materials. “The End of Lawyers” has become like Bible to me. I read your first e-book (chapter/volume). You also quote Susskind, de rigueur. I kept on reading, good stuff. Straightforward prose, something liked by plain legal language advocates like myself”
Maximiliano Marzetti, Intellectual Property Consultant and Professor of Law & Economics, Italy

“Love the fresh approach, if only more solo practitioners and small firms ‘got it’”
Paul Hajek, Principal, Solicitor, Clutton Cox, UK

“…very impressed by the way you have added structure to your stream of consciousness!… I also came at law later in life… I am now an NQ commercial lawyer, and am looking for ways to properly leverage my pre-qualifying experience in the post-qualification environment. TNL Volume 1 is well-timed for me, and you have given me the impetus to properly embrace linked-in and other social media tools. I look forward to TNL Volume 2 and the rest of the series.”
Drew Winlaw, Solicitor, UK

“Your approach to ‘developing and marketing’ business for law firms is such a breath of fresh air… especially in terms of formulating innovative ideas for firms to move forward post the Legal Services Act. Thank you for showing me how to sink or swim! I’m looking forward to the next volumes!”
Charlotte Black, Solicitor, Travlaw LLP, UK

“Alone among the marketing gurus whose words of wisdom fill my inbox every day, Chrissie is a solicitor, so she knows about the peculiar needs of the profession: but she has also set up her own businesses, and understands what it’s like to be the client too. And whether her approach appeals to you or not, you just have to look at the arresting title of her book, and then the list of contents, to see that she knows how to grab a client’s attention. I’m not going to let all my other gurus go, but I am going to pay particular attention to what this one says.”
Peter Groves, Intellectual Property lawyer at CJ Jones Solicitors, London, UK


Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook now

Complete box set: all 12 Volumes, the full ROAR model...

£20.00 (exc. VAT) Buy now

rave reviews RIP to XXX…

The Naked Lawyer eBook is a must read sales blueprint for all lawyers2B, all those in the legal profession, legal education, suppliers and referrers to the legal industry, buyers of legal services, entrepreneurs and anyone in business looking for a refreshing approach to ‘how to get more clients, sales, referrals, income, value, growth and success.’

Throughout The Naked Lawyer eBook series (volumes 1-12) I will be revealing the ROAR model and showing you exactly how, as a trainee solicitor and since launching EntrepreneurLawyer Limited, in a period a little over a year during the 2009 recession, I achieved £562,000 of new client sales enquiries and referrals which I referred to practising lawyers.

now, if I did it, then you can too!

If you simply follow what I did I am confident you could achieve success too!

The Naked Lawyer series is jam packed with examples, case studies and ‘to do’s’ (‘just do something! ROAR steps’) which focus on 10 key elements, with hundreds of PROVEN successful steps, tips, hints and secrets, in how to get more clients, sales, referrals, income, value, growth and success.

As The Naked Lawyer eBook is about ‘choice’, ‘change’ and ‘control’ it’s actually an education programme where you are in charge of the pace of your professional growth; in relation to your investment in time and cost.

The ROAR model within the eBook is absolutely unique. And timeless.

You will not find it anywhere else except in The Naked Lawyer series.

I will tell you why.

It was devised recently by me as a result of my experience and knowledge from different industries.

The ROAR model embraces three proven successful motivational, sales and behavioural and communication models from various industries topped off with bits and bobs from my own innovations whilst in the legal profession and industry.

For example, the component parts of the behavioural and communication model that ROAR utilises is that created and used by Gary Russell and Sir Clive Woodward of Winning Profile.

I applied these three combined models from outside the legal profession within the legal industry and sprinkled a few innovations within and throughout.

They worked.

They are a winning combination and formula. I shall reveal all throughout Volumes 2-12.


The Naked Lawyer eBook is absolutely unique… there is nothing in the market place to compare, like for like, at present…

It is an unabashed mix of brutal honesty and sexiness combined with a practical, educational and innovative sales model…

It aims to surprise, inspire and delight from start to finish.

Reading The Naked Lawyer, carrying out the ‘after dark activities’ suggested within it and the VALUE of the information shared would be the equivalent to attending multiple fragmented workshops (online or offline) over 3-5 days – minimum!

You can figure out the likely cost of that for yourself.

Buy the full box set, all 12 volumes, RIP to XXX, and you will save yourself a heck of a lot of spondulicks!

Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook now

Complete box set: all 12 Volumes, the full ROAR model...

£20.00 (exc. VAT) Buy now

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