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Just a heads up from yours truly. I’ve checked out these books and I reckon they’re hot stuff !

Leadership For Law Firms: After the Legal Services Act

   Author: Patricia Wheatley Burt
Published: December 2010
   Publisher: Law Society Publishing
   ISBN: 9781853286971

In light of the present and future challenges (and opportunities) to be experienced within the legal profession and industry, Patricia’s book offers invaluable timely advice for every law firm from the established to those new to the market. Leadership for Law Firms offers practical guidance on all aspects of leadership based on extensive original research and anecdotal findings from over70 interviews with Managing Partners, CEOs and other experts. Well worth a peek! For further details check out Patricia’s book here.

Law Firm Strategy: Competitive Advantage and Valuation

  Author: Professor Stephen Mayson

   Published: 2007
   Publisher: Oxford University Press
   ISBN: 978-0-19-923174-4

Stephen’s book examines the world of legal services in light of the Legal Services Bill (at that time; now LSA 2007) and its reformed ownership regulations. Law Firm Strategy examines the emerging landscape of the market, and sets out the conditions for achieving competitive advantage for both established law firm owners and new, non-lawyer entrants to the market. It’s a treatise on strategy, profitability, valuation, and ownership. Quite simply, this book is fab. It ought to be mandatory reading for all aspirant (and existing) managers and leaders in the profession (whether lawyer or non-lawyer). It’s so good, I’m going to read it again! For further details check out Stephen’s book here.

A Dictionary of Intellectual Property Law

   Author: Peter Groves

   Published: February 2011 (pre-order available)
   Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
   ISBN: tbc

Intellectual Property has a vast, perplexing and diverse vocabulary. Peter’s enriching Dictionary provides over 1000 expressions defined clearly whilst entertainingly. I reckon it’s particularly helpful if you’re a practitioner when you encounter expressions you haven’t seen before which you need to understand the true meaning and definition of. Similarly, students finding unfamiliar terminology and concepts will also appreciate the instant explanation available from this wonderful resource. For the entrepreneur (non-lawyer) it’s an absolute godsend and goldmine of interesting stuff. Certainly gets my nod! For further details check out Peter’s book here.


   Author: Professor Roger Steare

   Published: 2009
   Publisher: Roger Steare Consulting Limited
   ISBN: 978-0-9552369-4-5


Ethicability helps us to decide what’s right and then find the courage to do it. It is based on a clear, concise and robust model which combines insights from 3,000 years of moral philosophy with the latest scientific research into human psychology and behaviour. In just 20 questions, ethicability enables us to understand and resolve a wide range of moral dilemmas in a format which has been tried and tested by groups as diverse as business executives, health practitioners and the security services. Ethicability then helps us to find the courage to do the right thing because we now have the confidence that we have made the best decision we can, having considered everyone and everything involved. A soul searching, deep thinking and contemplative read. For further details check out Roger’s book here

Law and Disorder

   Author: Tim Kevan

   Published: August 2010
   Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
   ISBN: 978-1408801147


The adventures of a Macchiavellian pupil barrister serving coffee to the rich and powerful. It is BabyBarista’s first day as a pupil barrister. He has just one year to win, by foul means or fair, the sought-after prize of a tenancy in chambers. Competition is fierce: there’s TopFirst, who has a prize-winning CV and an ego to match; BusyBody, a human whirlwind on a husband hunt; and wide-eyed Worrier, buckling under the weight of the world. Armed with a copy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, BabyBarista launches a no-holds barred fight to the death of double-dealing, dirty tricks and a healthy dose of back-stabbing. Part Rumpole, part Flashman, BabyBarista opens a window onto the Machiavellian and frequently absurd ways of working life. It’s an absolute hoot! For further details check out Tim’s book here.

Legal Eagles

   Author: Simon Tupman

   Published: November 2010
   Publisher: Lawyers With A Life
   ISBN 978-0-473-17880-2


Legal Eagles profiles sixteen visionary lawyers from around the globe who are changing people’s lives and making a difference in the world. Interviewed by Simon, they offer candid insights into their careers and share the secrets of their success. Their stories dispel many myths about the legal profession and prove that lawyers can, and do, make the world a better place. Hear hear! Believe me? Trust me, I’m a lawyer… for further details check out Simon’s book here.

Social Media: The Legal Issues

   Author: Steve Kuncewicz

   Published: 2010
   Publisher: Ark Publishing
   ISBN: 978-1-906355-95-1

Steve’s book offers a comprehensive guide to the legal risks and challenges created by the use of social media in the work place. Whether your organisation utilises blogs and wikis in an official capacity or your employees simply engage with social media during their lunch breaks, I’m sure you would agree that there are a host of potential legal pitfalls and ramifications that must be monitored. From intellectual property infringement and plagiarism to data protection and sexual harassment, this definitive reference guide reveals where issues may arise and provides fabulous guidance on how to mitigate them. For further details check out Steve’s book here.

Easy IP

   Author:  Paul Brennan

   Published: 2010
   Publisher: Paul Brennan
   ISBN: 978-0-975838-27-3

Intellectual Property (“IP”) has been described by the Financial Times as one of the key drivers of business competitiveness in the 21st century. Accordingly, a clear understanding of IP is essential not only for entrepreneurs or creative people but for anyone who wants to succeed in business and not have their ideas stolen. Paul has written a book which will enable you to say “that’s my IP” and at least sound as if you know what you’re talking about which can be the cheapest and most powerful of weapons available to you. Illustrated by legal cartoons drawn by the author this potent little book combines the qualities of a useful reference book on IP law with wry humour and the odd belly laugh. For further details check out Paul’s book here.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

   Author: Patrick Lamb

   Published: 2010
   Publisher: Ark Publishing
   ISBN: 978-1-906355-98-2

Patrick provides an in-depth look at alternative fee structures and how to make them work within your own firm by aligning culture, behaviour, cost and price. Key points are illustrated throughout the book with clear examples and practical case studies from firms that are already successfully using alternative fee arrangements. IMHO, Alternative Fee Arrangements is great if you wish to ensure you are equipped to compete in a post-recession world, not simply on price but on the value you offer to your clients. For further details check out Patrick’s book here.

Law & Peace

Author: Tim Kevan

Published: May 2011
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
ISBN: 978-1408814215

BabyBarista may have won the battle for tenancy, but the war has just begun. In his pupilage year, BabyBarista learned the hard way that dirty tricks and a faulty moral compass are essential items in a young lawyer’s briefcase. Now, as the newest tenant in chambers, he must face down old enemies, try to win compensation for a group of ASBO-attracting pensioners, and unravel the complicated knots of his love life – not to mention his mother’s finances. Under the wise and watchful eye of OldRuin, BabyBarista tries to keep his nose (and his wig) clean, but when SlipperySlope, an unscrupulous solicitor offers him a quick way out of his financial difficulties he soon becomes embroiled in blackmail, dodgy share-dealing and the dark arts of litigation. With his old adversary, TopFirst out for revenge, and the chance to be awarded a coveted ‘red bag’ at stake, BabyB must use all the tricks of his trade to extricate himself from his legal quagmire, win the case for his mad old clients, and somehow convince his best friend to fall in love with him. Chronicling the hilarious and sometimes almost unbelievable absurdities of the modern bar, and peopled by a cast of unforgettable characters, “Law and Peace” is a funny, fast-paced Machiavellian romp through the legal world. Hilarious! For further details check out Tim’s book here.

The Go-Giver

   Authors: Bob Burg and John David Mann

   Published: 2008
   Publisher: Penguin Books 
   ISBN: 978-0-141-04955-7

In 2008, The Go-Giver, “a little story about a powerful business idea” took the business world by storm with its message: that shifting our focus from getting to giving is the simplest, most fulfilling and most effective path to success in business and in life. I can testify to this! Rapidly going from national bestseller to global phenomenon, The Go-Giver soon gained a devoted following in its original English and in more than sixteen foreign-language editions. From schools, churches and hospitals to law firms and information technology companies, individuals and groups around the world have applied the book’s Five Laws of Stratospheric Success to their organizations and businesses, relationships and personal lives. For further details check out The Go-Giver here.

Making Every Six Minutes Count

   Author: Catrin Mills

   Published: 2010
   Publisher: Ark Publishing  
   ISBN: 978-1-906355-77-7 


Making Every Six Minutes Count  is rich in effective time management techniques for us lawyers to increase productivity, achieve greater success, manage work/life balance and ultimately boost profitability. As we are only too (painfully) aware, ‘time’ is our commodity. Or rather, it is how most of us lawyers quantify our expertise and justify our existence. Catrin’s book explains why we lawyers should look more objectively at how we spend our time and how principles of time management can make an enormous difference in our profession which is now, arguably, at its most stressful and intensive. Catrin gives us plenty to contemplate. For further details check out Catrin’s book here

Attracting and Retaining Talent in Law Firms

   Author: Caroline Poynton

   Published: 2010
   Publisher: Ark Publishing
   ISBN:  978-1-907787-14-0


Attracting and Retaining Talent in a Post-Recession Legal Profession provides an in-depth look into winning talent management strategies in the current legal market and how they can be implemented within your own firm to secure competitive advantage and long term profitability. If you feel that there is nothing that you can do to improve your talent retention practices then don’t bother looking any further into this book. However, if you feel that you could do with some ideas and pointers in motivating and inspiring your talented lawyers further for bottom line impact then it’s definitely worth a peek. For further details check out Caroline’s book here.

Developing a Profitable Practice in Asia

   Author: Robert Sawhney

   Published: 2010
   Publisher: Ark Publishing


The lucrative Asian legal market is increasingly taking on a more important role in the fortunes of western law firms. But without a clear strategy in place that reflects the unique cultural considerations of these regions, solid integration and expected rewards will not be achieved. Developing a Profitable Practice in Asia provides concrete and definitive insights into how to successfully develop and optimise your international expansion strategies in Asian markets. For further details check out Robert’s book here.


Freedom of Information in the Public Sector

   Authors: Various FOI Practitioners
   Editor: Anna Shaw
   Published: 2009
   Publisher: Ark Publishing
   ISBN: 978-1-906355-52-4 

Demand for fulfilment of freedom of information (FOI) requests has increased dramatically, largely due to increased public awareness of FOI policies and procedures. Since 1 January 2005 the Information Commissioner has issued over 1,000 decision notices under FOI and EIR, and the Information Tribunal has published nearly 200 decisions. Ark’s book eloquently clarifies the grey areas of legislation and compliance issues and will provide you with case studies, strategies and processes for reviewing and developing successful FOI management schemes. If you’re a lawyer in the public sector it’s kind of like a bible for you! For further details check out Ark’s book here.

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