The Naked Lawyer


How to Market, Brand and Sell YOU!
Volumes 1-12

“It’s fun. It’s informative. It’s entertaining. It’s inspiring. It’s motivational. It’s sexy!”

A MUST READ whether you’re a lawyer or not, if you’ve had dealings with the legal profession, or you’d simply like to try some refreshingly new ways of marketing, branding and selling yourself so you get more choice, change and control in your career and life.

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The Naked Lawyer is a real-life story, a sales blueprint, a life manual and a workshop all wrapped up into one delightful little package.

The story, ideas, secrets and activities are shared by an imaginary prancing and dancing ‘naked lawyer’ in law law land.

Fast paced and provocative, The Naked Lawyer provides an idiosyncratic, exhilarating and memorable approach to
‘how to get more clients, sales, referrals, income, value, growth and success.’

It’s definitely NOT for the luddite, laggard, faint hearted, slacker or prudish!

Are you searching for something to positively rock your boat, a red hot sales blueprint laid bare for bottom line impact perhaps?

Then take a sneaky peek inside RIP to XXX, all 12 Volumes of The Naked Lawyer…



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FREE Volume 1: RIP – announcing the ROAR model

  • what’s the problem?
  • why am I writing the naked lawyer?
  • what you’re about to experience
  • getting the most out of the naked lawyer

Volume 2: wakey wakey rise and shine

  • RIP – announcing the ROAR model
  • get a grip
  • Big Rocks
  • emotionally intelligent or emotionally defunct?
  • master of my own mutiny
  • ethicability unleashed
  • weird mindset, wicked attitude
  • after dark activity
  • ROAR summation

Volume 3: slowly slowly catch a nichey

  • wakey wakey rise and shine
  • Big Rocks rolling
  • trendy turn on
  • karma sutra professional specialty
  • initiative rules! OK?
  • after dark activity
  • ROAR summation

Volume 4: getting under your skin

  • slowly slowly catch a nichey
  • what’s in a name?
  • personal brand creation
  • brand unstable?
  • ‘Brand,Me’… everywhere!
  • after dark activity
  • ROAR summation

Volume 5: raving referral lobsters rule!

  • getting under your skin
  • referral lobster net-kingdom
  • ready to rave?
  • dirty dancing with Big Rock lobsters
  • fish nets!
  • after dark activity
  • ROAR summation

Volume 6: social savvy junkie

  • raving referral lobsters rule
  • why why why delilah?
  • what a load of twaddle
  • building my network fast… to last
  • high five junkie!
  • bust a gut daily work out
  • after dark activity
  • ROAR summation

Volume 7: nurturing fuzz to get more buzz

  • social savvy junkie
  • cannon ball fun
  • massage oil, not snake oil
  • what’s all the fuzz about?
  • mouse wrap
  • after dark activity
  • ROAR summation

Volume 8: talking dirty to a saint when I’m a pure little devil

  • nurturing fuzz to get more buzz
  • dynamic three-way
  • press send, receive jibber-jabber
  • stunning straplines
  • going deep
  • after dark activity
  • ROAR summation

Volume 9: touch, touch and touch me again

  • talking dirty to a saint when I’m a pure little devil
  • we’re engaged!
  • i like retaining you
  • i love maintaining you
  • after dark activity
  • ROAR summation

Volume 10: continual stimulation

  • touch, touch and touch me again
  • innovate everything!
  • trouble and strife
  • forward to a stimulating future
  • after dark activity
  • ROAR summation

Volume 11: yes! yes!! yes!!!

  • continual stimulation
  • continual improvement
  • continual savvy and nous
  • continual performance
  • after dark activity
  • ROAR summation

Volume 12: XXX rated – tomorrow’s lawyer

  • yes! yes!! yes!!!
  • XXX rated
  • after dark activity
  • ROAR summation


  • what’s next pussycat?
  • get in touch
  • get naked



Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook now

Complete box set: all 12 Volumes, the full ROAR model...

£20.00 (exc. VAT) Buy now


WARNING: whilst I will be dealing with serious matters by providing serious
messages, solutions, material and ideas throughout The Naked Lawyer, you
will no doubt have realised already that I have chosen to deliver the very
same in a fun and informal kind of way.

In the Volumes which follow you will note that I continue in this approach
together with an ‘adult’ element and theme throughout. Kind of.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s all done in, ‘the best possible taste’ ; I believe the late
Kenny Everett would agree.

Why have I chosen this approach?


We read a lot of stuff, but more often than not cannot remember most of what
we’ve just read. Key messages can be lost within a very short time frame.

Yet, we tend to be able to recall the things we read which tickle us…

It’s as simple as that really, plus…

The approach is new, it’s daring, it’s risqué, it’s fresh, it’s innovative, it has a
new way of looking at things, and in its own unique way it’s kind of groundbreaking
– certainly for the legal profession; a profession desperately needing
to embrace new ways. As it is, generally speaking, at best it pays lip-service
(on its surface), and at worst is stultifying in welcoming innovation and

Ironically, the approach which I speak of above, the approach of and within
The Naked Lawyer, are all of the things we arguably need in this digital age,
topsy-turvy era and transitional legal world right now.

I passionately believe we need to embrace change (because it’s happening
all around us whether we like it or not), try new stuff, take some risks, be bold,
break into new territory, and strike a balance between the seriousness and
in both our professional and personal lives…

So, The Naked Lawyer is going to be a delightful mix of serious information
combined with fun and sexiness

I have every confidence that when you work through The Naked Lawyer, you
will understand and appreciate precisely why The Naked Lawyer is an apt title
for this eBook, on both a serious note and a fun note…

‘Never judge a book by its cover’, eh? Pah! It’s not called The Naked Lawyer for

Truly, this is one book cover where you can rely on your sound judgement.

So, if you don’t wish to have a laugh, either at me or yourself, then The Naked
Lawyer is probably not your cup of tea. Go and work through a hum-drum
professional or academic personal development / self-help / marketing
/ brand / sales book or educational programme or workshop instead,

It’s your choice.

Only those of you with a real passion for a new and refreshing way of
learning, with a sense of humour and with an appreciation for sex will truly
enjoy it.

I am confident that we are many…

The world’s population is knocking on for seven billion. Enough said.

rave reviews…

“Chrissie Lightfoot has produced the Karma Sutra of client care”

“It’s a new day and the practice deserves a new success formula. Chrissie has the secret sauce!”

“… just what the doctor ordered for us busy entrepreneurs and professionals”

“…it’s practical, funny, inspirational and down-to-earth”

“…how to be a ‘super lawyer’ or a ‘super entrepreneur’ arrives just in the nick of time”

“…simple, novel and cutting edge”

“…has the great benefit of someone approaching the law after having been in business beforehand”

“…a common sense approach to business and business development from a personal and firm perspective”

“…details many ways in which we can find the niche which eludes so many of us”

“…highly recommend the sections on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin which are instructive”

“…a truly motivational marketing and sales book”

“…with the current shake-up of legal services comes at a particularly opportune moment”

“…very readable and packed full of thoughts, ideas and modern cultural references”

“This well written and important work will change our lives for the better”

“… not for the timid. It is for the BOLD. It is for the SAVVY. It is for the OPPORTUNIST”

“…a refreshing and much needed insight, approach and methodology”

“I applaud that it confronts convention and the staidness of today’s business world”

“…this book is about knowing yourself, knowing your “customers” and knowing how to create synergy between the two”

“Follow this step x step guide to building your brand, your career and your business and you will accelerate your Journey of Success. Fail to do so and you only have yourself to blame.”

“What Chrissie writes people need to read”


The Naked Lawyer eBook is absolutely unique… there is nothing in the market place to compare, like for like, at present…

It is an unabashed mix of brutal honesty and sexiness combined with a practical, educational and innovative sales model – ROAR – Reach Out And Relate.

It aims to surprise, inspire and delight from start to finish.

Reading The Naked Lawyer, carrying out the ‘after dark activities’ suggested within it and the VALUE of the information shared would be the equivalent to attending multiple fragmented workshops (online or offline) over 3-5 days – minimum!

You can figure out the likely cost of that for yourself.

Buy the full box set, all 12 volumes, RIP to XXX, and you will save yourself a heck of a lot of spondulicks!

value added stuff

after dark…

If you’re a practising lawyer or an accountant you just might fancy checking out the After Dark page to see if CPD hours (or the equivalent) are available for carrying out the ‘just do something! ROAR steps’ within The Naked Lawyer.

fun quiz

Fancy pitting your wits against The Naked Lawyer?

Then check out the fun quiz if you’re up to the challenge. You will of course need to digest Volumes 1 and 2 of The Naked Lawyer in order to enjoy the experience!

Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook now

Complete box set: all 12 Volumes, the full ROAR model...

£20.00 (exc. VAT) Buy now

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