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Media contact:

Chrissie Lightfoot, Founder and CEO, EntrepreneurLawyer Limited

T: 44 (0)113 2444228

E: chrissie@entrepreneurlawyer.co.uk

the ROAR model

Learn more about EntrepreneurLawyer, a range of products and services with a unique blueprint sales development ROAR model which:

  • helps lawyers and entrepreneurs get more clients, sales, referrals, income, value, growth and success
  • helps lawyers and entrepreneurs develop positive, enduring and mutually beneficial relationships
  • helps individual’s and organisations grow and develop

Chrissie Lightfoot Biographya PDF document summarising who Chrissie is, what she’s involved in and how she can help you.

Products and Services – a PDF document summarising what EntrepreneurLawyer is all about.

Company Background


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