newly qualified solicitors

The dawning of this new decade will inevitably bring unprecedented challenges, the likes of which our professional services career has not previously witnessed, let alone equipped us to manage.

you don’t need me to tell you:

  • that the transformation of the way in which the world of legal business operates is now under way
  • gone are the halcyon days when clients simply walked through the door
  • that if you want to progress to associate level and beyond you’ve got to prove yourself to be a) technically good at ‘the law’ and b) show an ability to build a client ‘following’
  • AND then nurture it!

what’s on your mind?

As a newly qualified solicitor are you one of the many lawyers right now working a five day week but getting paid for four? Has your salary been reduced and/or frozen? Are you working in an area of ‘the law’ that isn’t your chosen field but happy just to have a job? Perhaps you’re concerned about repayment of your student loan and/or financial prospects? Maybe you’re thinking ‘this isn’t what I expected or what I signed up for?’

Even if you’ve been blessed and are ‘one of the lucky ones’ who managed to escape all of the above …

  • How do you see your legal career progressing this decade?
  • Have you been tasked with getting more work in but you’re not sure how?
  • Do you feel ‘stuck’ right now, void of options and direction?
  • Not sure whether to sit tight or jump ship?
  • Not sure if further down the road becoming a partner is too risky, too distant, or even something that you want?
  • Would you like more legal career (or alternative legal career) options?
  • Do you want some transferrable skills to add to your bow?
  • Would you like control over your next step, whatever that may be (in or out of the legal profession)?

a secret

I’d like to share with you a secret that will benefit you … if you want it …

I know how you, whether you see yourself developing as a ‘front of house’ lawyer or ‘back room’ kind of lawyer, can make that next step (whatever you choose it to be) by helping you learn the ‘soft skills’ that will help you answer all of the above.

Probably of most importance, I can help you build a potential client and referral network from a standing start, generate a handsome quantity and quality of legal sales leads and instructions within a few short months, and all whilst helping you grow professionally and personally.

I did it, you could too!

During the recession 2009 I managed to generate and refer £562,000 of legal sales as a trainee solicitor and newly qualified solicitor (non-practising).

newly qualified solicitor: I can help you …

  • acquire more strings to your bow
  • grow your network and generate impressive legal sales generation, referrals and instructions
  • build ensuring, sustainable and viable relationships of value (in business and in life)
  • make your superior look good (they like that)
  • take control of the direction of your legal career (or alternative legal career)
  • feel confident, inspired, motivated and to find your passion again!

interested in knowing how?

I can share with you the 10 fundamental key elements to getting more clients, sales, referrals, income, value, growth and success – the blueprint sales development ROAR model.

There are a number of ways in which I do this. Check out the Lawyers Ecademy and the newly qualified solicitors blog posts.

The ‘soft skills’ that give you the ability to generate work, build and leverage solid relationships, market and ‘soft sell’ will stand you in good stead whatever the future holds and wherever you decide to take your career.

get in touch

I look forward to connecting with you and welcome the opportunity to help you, the firm that you serve and your clients prosper. Get in touch.

Warmest regards

Chrissie Lightfoot

  The Entrepreneur Lawyer

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