In the beginning … calling all lawyers and entrepreneurs

I’m an entrepreneur. And proud of it.

I’m also a qualified solicitor. And I’m proud of that too.

Practical experience, in both the business world and the legal world, has led me to conclude that “Entrepreneurs are from Venus and Lawyers are from Mars”.

A gross, general and sweeping statement you may think, but, having a foot in both camps I reckon I’m entitled to say it.

lawyers of tomorrow

Accordingly, I passionately advocate that for a lawyer (and a law firm) to be able to provide truly outstanding legal advice and bespoke customer solution services for an entrepreneur (s)he needs to be technically good at ‘the law’ i.e. possess solid legal knowledge, skills and experience AND must truly understand the entrepreneur i.e. (s)he must be able to ‘stand in the shoes’ (in mind if not in body) of the entrepreneur.

lawyers of today

Entrepreneurs and lawyers are ‘different beasts’ and invariably at opposite ends of the spectrum on many counts. There appears to be a lack of understanding between entrepreneurs and lawyers in the kind of legal provision, service and advice an entrepreneur expects and wants and what the lawyer is able (or willing) to deliver.

value need

There is an obvious need to improve understanding and ‘the relationship’ between entrepreneurs and lawyers so that BOTH parties are happy with the outcome – improved cost effective, time effective and time efficient legal provision which creates value for both the entrepreneur and the lawyer.

EntrepreneurLawyer was created for this reason.

bridging the gap

EntrepreneurLawyer’s mission is to help bridge (and reduce) the gap between the legal world and the business world by providing ‘soft skills’ services primarily for lawyers but also for entrepreneurs. Relationships, after all, are a two way thing.

There are lawyers and entrepreneurs in abundance … but there are few entrepreneur lawyers and entrepreneurial lawyers at present to serve the growing numbers of entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurs network – making the difference

Let’s hope that EntrepreneurLawyer is successful in achieving its vision and mission … for all our sakes. Your getting involved in the Entrepreneurs Network within the EntrepreneurLawyer blog will make the difference.

EntrepreneurLawyer products and services may also be of benefit to you so feel free to check them out.  The Naked Lawyer in particular could prove enlightening and of value.

And of course, you’re welcome to get in touch with any queries you may have.

Warmest regards

Chrissie Lightfoot

  The Entrepreneur Lawyer

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