why choose me to help you?

“Trust me … I’m a lawyer”

relationship marketing strategy

  • The focus is on YOU, the individual, in helping YOUbuild enduring, sustainable, viable relationships in a bid to get more clients, sales, referrals, income, value, growth and success.
  • All of EntrepreneurLawyer’s products and services are devised for lawyers and entrepreneurs, by a qualified solicitor and entrepreneur, with your interest at heart.
  • You can learn how to do what I did and do, get ahead quickly and make an impact … fast.
  • You will save time and money in your drive to be a success.
  • I will share with you exactly what works and what doesn’t (in this era); you get the benefit of my quick wins.
  • If you simply follow what I did then you could generate more sales from existing clients, referrers and new clients and will benefit greatly from knowing what I know.
  • I will stick to what I know and say it ‘as it is’. I will help you focus on building relationships and sales.

get more clients

  • If you want to know ‘how to market your law firm’ then go somewhere else. That’s NOT my focus in achievingthe best quick win and enduring results for you, your people and your law firm
  • There are many marketing consultants to choose from who will advise you how to do just that – even though some of them are not actually qualified solicitors and/or haven’t actually generated legal sales leads and/or sold legal advice and services themselves in this difficult era. We each have our strengths and a role in helping you succeed; you must choose the right person to work with you at the right time. I focus on helping you, the individual, achieve real results on the bottom line and that means building relationships and increasing sales utilising a relationship marketing strategy.
  • A solid relationship marketing strategy precedes sales so it is a given that what I will share with you includes marketing knowledge, hints, tips and tricks per se. That’s a given.
  • I believe and have proven successfully that the key to achieving sales and successfully marketing a law firm per se lies in The ROAR Experience sales programmetherefore both you and your employer will benefit, either directly or indirectly.
  • I can think, feel and act like a lawyer and an entrepreneur client. I can be transparent (naked) wearing both hats.

standing in your shoes

  • As a qualified solicitor I can stand in your shoes as a lawyer – I understand you. I know what you are thinking and feeling right now in this ‘transitional legal world’ and digital era. I can help you with ‘what to do’ to attract and keep your business and personal clients.
  • As an entrepreneur, business owner and business consultant prior to entering the legal profession and as an entrepreneur, business owner and business consultant again now I stand in the shoes of your prospective lawyer client and possibly nightmare client of the past, present and future. I understand them and I know what they are thinking, feeling and doing right now in this ‘transitional legal world’ and digital era too.
  • As an International Top 100 Executive and Legal Professional of the year 2013 as published in the International Top 100 Business Magazine, April 2013, I have international and global experience and knowledge which you will benefit from.
  • As one of the top women futurists in the world I can help future-proof you and/or your business.
  • As Visiting Fellow, University of Westminster, School of Law (AI & Robots in law), London, UK, I get to rub shoulders with the best young and mature minds (students and lecturers) to advance thinking and action in the areas that currently, and in the future will, affect all of our lives.
  • I am one of those ‘difficult’ clients whose client service expectation is off the scale and with a whole host of choice as to who, where, what, why and when I want to buy my legal service and advice from. I am one of the hundreds of thousands of your potential clients that are increasing in numbers year on year. If you want my (and their) instructions then you need to be able to build a positive enduring relationship with me/them.

bottom line

I can show you exactly how to get more clients utilising a relationship marketing strategy with proven techniques, processes, methods, tactics, tips and secrets that worked successfully in this digital era … The ROAR Experience sales programme, a sales training course which includes lessons from The Naked Lawyer eBook.

further information:

If you have any questions and/or you’d like to simply get in touch then I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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