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How do you see your company or career progressing? Do you want an advantage over your competitors? Let me help you. I’m named in the 2015 list of the ‘World’s Top Female Futurists& LinkedIn as the No.1 best-connected & most engaged woman in the legal industry, 4th in all sectorsABOUT TESTIMONIALS

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RIP to XXX: How to Market, Brand and Sell YOU !
It’s a life manual, sales blueprint & workshop all wrapped up
into a fun, informative, inspiring, motivational & sexy little package.
Simply NOT for the laggard, faint hearted, slacker or prudish!
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As a sales legal coach I would welcome the opportunity to help you and the firm that you serve grow and develop. Here are some of the ways in which I could help you:

Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer rave reviews (2014)…

The hottest NEW RELEASE in and out of the bedroom and boardroom!

“It is fun and insightful. With her characteristic mix of wit, savvy and sass, Chrissie addresses a wide sweep of issues that will be central to the future of lawyers”

Professor Richard Susskind OBE, author of Tomorrow’s Lawyers and The End of Lawyers? UK.

“It is quite unlike anything I have ever read … sex robots … robot lawyers … something that no one else is writing about today.”

Mitch Kowalski, Bencher  Candidate 2015, Legal Services Consultant, Lawyer and 2012 Fastcase 50 Global Legal Innovator. Canada.

“Superb insight and a lively enthralling read. Her advice will prove invaluable to innumerable readers.”

George Beaton, Partner, Beaton Capital, Executive Chairman, Beaton Research & Consulting. Australia.

“She predicts three decades of progress, impressively, in an accessible and entertaining way for experts and novices alike. A grand achievement.”

Leeds & Yorkshire Lawyer magazine. UK.

“New law thinking from a new law thinker… essential reading.”

Charles Christian, Owner and Editor at Legal IT Insider and The Orange Rag. UK.

“I couldn’t put it down! Absolutely brilliant!”

Rebecca Chapman, Marketing Manager, Riverview Law. UK & USA.

The Naked Lawyer rave reviews (2010)…

2011, 2012 & 2013 best-seller ! If you haven’t got your copy yet – now is the time!

“Sassy, feisty, upbeat, risqué – required reading for all lawyers…”

Professor Richard Susskind, OBE. Specialist in legal technology. IT strategic adviser to major professional firms and to national governments. UK.

“…has directly added £1,000,000 plus to my book of work over the last 12 months… indeed effective!”

Jeremy Kennedy. WHS Lawyer & Partner. Australia.

“There is so much good stuff in this book that you would be a fool not to read it!”

Tom Johnston, Managing Partner. Scotland.

“…the book I’ve always wanted to write. Unfortunately it wasn’t written by me.”

Professor Stephen Mayson. Director of Strategy at Legal Services Institute. UK.

“…simple, novel and cutting edge… It’s a new day and the practice deserves a new success formula. Chrissie has the secret sauce!”

Cole Silver. Business Attorney and Marketing Strategist. USA.

“…the Karma Sutra of client care.”

Paul Brennan. Commercial Lawyer. Australia.

“This well written and important work will change our lives for the better.”

David Gabor. Attorney at Law. USA.

Word on the street about Chrissie Lightfoot…

“One of the World’s Top Women Futurists!”


“Topping the 2015 list of the most engaged and best-connected women in the legal sector.”

LinkedIn, UK and Global.

“International Top 100 Executive and Legal Professional of the year 2013”

International Top 100 Magazine, USA.

“Futuristic, strategic, dynamic, innovative, entrepreneurial, inspirational, motivational, practical and transformational…”

Andrew Shaw. Partner, Global Legal Strategy Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal LLP, UK.

“… one in a million… simply one of the best workers I have ever had in my company over the past 45 years of being in business”

Gary Russell. Entrepreneur. CEO Winning Profile (working with Clive Woodward, elite talent co-ordinator 2012 British Olympics). USA.

” … a lady who gets things done!”

Carl Hopkins ‘Secret Millionaire’. Successful serial entrepreneur. Owner Kloog. UK.

“… extremely professional, highly strategic, and of a character that puts her leagues ahead of most lawyers in the profession”

Christopher Marston. CEO Exemplar Law Partners LLC. USA.

“… she’s as good as her word – probably better!”

Deirdre Bounds. Successful woman entrepreneur, speaker and author. Founder i-to-i Travel. UK.

“… a great woman to do business with”

Jules Wyman. Recently voted Britain’s Top Woman Coach. Owner Positive Belief. UK.
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