Robot Santa: do you believe?

Posted on December 18th, 2014 by Chrissie Lightfoot

Chrissiemas message

“In the Christian religion and calendar, Christmastime is a time for the blended embracing of tradition, magic and miracles. Just as children ask their friends the question ‘do you believe in Santa?’ perhaps you should quietly now muse…’Do I believe?’

Not in Santa (no disrespect intended Santa if you do exist, I hasten to add) but in the possibility of magic and miracles pervading our homes, offices, relationships, and lives at any time of year. If tradition and magic can sit comfortably together in the celebration of Christmas, then it’s perfectly feasible that tradition and magic can sit comfortably in law law land, do you reckon?

Traditional lawyering and law together with traditional technology and traditional methods of marketing and networking can blend and exist harmoniously with SocialHuman lawyering together with NewTech, NewHuman and NewLaw as they evolve.

The rate of acceptance in this Digital Age in embracing technology, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics and the transition toward an Artificial Intelligent and Robotic Age may vary incrementally across jurisdictions, nations and cultures but one thing shall remain constant: the human spirit.

The world and law law land will remain human and social.

Our human spirit will differentiate man from machine, in whatever guise.

Graham Green once said: ‘Eventually we have to open the door and let the future in.’ Are you ready?

Abstract from Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw – How to be successful 2015 to 2045
(released today)


As you share the festive holidays with your colleagues, friends and family, don’t forget to take a little bit of time out away from the hustle, bustle and noise for yourself too. For it is in the peaceful, uninterrupted and still moments of calmness when we can draw comfort from our personal intimate thoughts and experience true humanness.

Simply be.

Reflect on all the wonderful and positive things that have happened to you throughout 2014 and realise how special it is to be human and to be truly alive. Only when we realise how fortunate we are to have the gift of life can we then help our loved ones realise it too. You must believe in yourself before you can help those you love and care about believe in themselves too.

This Christmas eve, when the children have gone to bed, when your guests have departed or you are returning home after partying or visiting friends and family, switch off all the main lights and sit quietly in the darkness, save for the twinkling of your Christmas tree lights and look deep within them.

Imagine they are sparkling stars and look beyond the light, yourself and into the miraculous universe. And gently muse ‘do I believe?’ …
‘Do I believe in me?’

For tomorrow’s world will be so different to yesterday’s and today’s that the contrast will be psychologically and organisationally disruptive for us all. None of us have been prepared for it.

That is why I wrote my latest book.

2015 and beyond will be all about how to be SocialHuman, sounding human and being truly human when compelled to embrace NewTech and NewHuman once artificial intelligence, avatars, icyborgs and robots infiltrate our lives and impact our home, family, leisure and working lives, mainstream.

I dare say it will not be too long before the first robot santa pervades our world capable of doing and thinking things that we can only describe as magic.

And so, if you desire to live a truly fulfilling and successful life, whatever you deem that to be for yourself, beyond this Christmas time, I pose the question: ‘do you believe in you?’

I do… for the human spirit is strong.

It’s time to let the future in. Don’t be afraid.

It’s time to search your soul and ask yourself those uncomfortable and challenging questions. Don’t fight it.

It’s time to do something positive.

It’s time for more change.

It’s time to embrace the opportunity that our human evolution is presenting us with.

Are you ready to change your world, or change the world in 2015? For in this ‘age of magic and miracles’, nothing is certain – but anything is possible.


May I wish you all the most precious holiday season. Thank-you for your friendship and fellowship during 2014 and I can’t wait to dance with you in 2015!

Warmest as ever  🙂

Chrissie Lightfoot

Chrissie Lightfoot The Entrepreneur Lawyer, CEO EntrepreneurLawyer Limited.

Author of Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer: NewTech, NewHuman, NewLaw – How to be successful 2015 to 2045 (Dec, 2014)

Author of The Naked Lawyer: RIP to XXX – How to Market, Brand and Sell YOU! (Dec, 2010)best-seller.



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