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Posted on November 27th, 2016 by Chrissie Lightfoot

[Monday 21st November, 2016] Today in The Times, Jonathan Ames reports on my latest venture and product – LISA the Robot Lawyer …

March of the legal bots continues …

This summer the British teenager Joshua Browder let loose on the world a lawyer robot that successfully quashed 160,000 parking fines in London and New York and today the latest machine in a suit takes automated law up a notch by offering to draft nondisclosure agreements for entrepreneurs.

Lisa – or legal intelligence support assistant – is an app that is being pitched by its developers as a move that will fill an increasing gap in the provision of legal services to small businesses, while at the same time encouraging them to seek further advice.

Developed by AI Tech Support – a joint venture between Duthie & Co, a niche corporate law firm in London, and Chrissie Lightfoot, a Leeds-based legal profession consultant – Lisa is being offered free to small businesses.

Lightfoot explained that it is initially a marketing tool to encourage entrepreneurs and innovators to take legal advice when they might otherwise be deterred by a perception of prohibitive law fees.

Lisa will draft basic NDAs for both sides in a deal, which, according to Lightfoot, would normally cost each party up to £500 if left in the hands of a traditional, breathing, flesh and blood human lawyer.

Lightfoot is adamant that Lisa is not going to consign those blood and guts practitioners to the dustbin of history. Complicated legal problems and agreements will still need the human touch, she said, adding that lawyers should not fear the new robot. Whether Lisa will put the kettle on for the senior partner remains to be seen.”

As a futurist, entrepreneur, consultant, lawyer and investor I always get asked, ‘What do you think is the next big thing in the legal world? Or ‘What is the next legal frontier?’ The answer is this. Robot lawyer’s like LISA

LISA is here to help EVERYONE; individuals, consumers, businesses of all sizes, lawyers and ultimately nations prosper.

LISA’s primary focus is to provide real access to legal services by helping to open up the latent legal buyer market globally and serve the excluded majority – those 80% of businessmen and women in the USA, 54% of all SMEs and 33% of consumers in the UK, and the ‘unknown’ marginalised number of people in other countries across the world who do not use a human lawyer because of many prohibitive reasons.

Sometimes in life, you just need a little help to get on the ladder to success in business and/or to enjoy life fully. Once you’ve taken that first step without particular barriers (such as basic legal costs involved for many of us), the chances are you could actually make it!

The launch of LISA ‘s flagship NDA AI App hopes to assist you – entrepreneurial people of many kinds all around the world – to make that first bold move.

In doing so, not only will you feel personally fulfilled and potentially prosper in financial terms, but you just might surprise yourself in making a positive contribution to your local, regional and even national economy.

So here you go. Say ‘hello’ to LISA the AI Lawyer. LISA will help you draft your very own NDA, for FREE, btw. You’re only limited by your imagination in where you could take the direction of your life and business 🙂

We at AI Tech Support Ltd, humans and machines (aka LISA), look forward to supporting you in these challenging and uncertain post Brexit times. Our promise to you is that all at AI Tech Support Ltd will remain steadfastly stubborn on vision, but flexible on our journey with you.

PS: Adam… put the kettle on 🙂

Follow LISA on twitter @RobotLawyerLISA

Curious to know more about LISA? Read all about LISA here and here.

LISA’s AI support, talent, service and products are the result of the combined AI platform of Neota Logic, the legal intelligence of Adam Duthie of Duthie & Co LLP, and the creativity, imagination, commercial knowledge, experience and vision of yours truly, Chrissie Lightfoot, CEO, AI Tech Support Ltd.

AI Tech Support Ltd is a private limited company registered in England (company no: 10245242) whose registered office and trading office is at 4 Beech Ridge, Kinsbourne Green Lane, Harpenden AL5 3NJ, United kingdom. VAT registration no: 247804686

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