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Rave Reviews

“… has directly added £1,000,000 plus to my book of work over the last 12 months… indeed effective!”
Jeremy Kennedy, WHS Lawyer & Partner, McCullough Robertson Lawyers. Australia.

“There is so much good stuff in this book that you’d be a fool not to read it!”
Tom Johnston, Managing Partner, Young & Partners, Scotland.

The Naked Lawyer. Great for any would-be rainmaker in any profession!
Bob Burg, Best-selling author of ‘Endless Referrals’ (250,000 copies sold worldwide), USA.

Sassy, feisty, upbeat, risqué – required reading for all lawyers who want to re-invent themselves. Best of all is the guidance on brand-building, empathising with clients, nurturing relationships, and social networking.”
Professor Richard Susskind, OBE; specialist in legal technology; IT strategic adviser to major professional firms and to national governments; author of ‘The End of Lawyers? Rethinking The Nature of Legal Services.’ UK.

“Futuristic, strategic, innovative, dynamic, entrepreneurial, inspirational, motivational, practical and transformational… just a few words to describe Chrissie Lightfoot having engaged her consulting services and read her ground-breaking book, The Naked Lawyer”
Andrew Shaw, Partner & Global Legal Strategy Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal LLP, UK.

… a program that meets the needs of tomorrow’s lawyers, solicitors and associates which allows them to be successful today – and she’s proved that this approach works with some stellar results. Chrissie herself is a force of nature, totally compelling and a genuine trailblazer in the industry and way ahead of the game.”
Stu Gooderham. Business Development Manager – Redwood Analytics and LexisNexis, London, UK.


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A refreshingly welcome approach in how to be successful in a digital world. Having heard her speak so passionately on the international stage I was captivated by her compelling message and inspired to read her eBook. The Naked Lawyer eBook is unlike any other business book you will read. The secrets she shares are transformational for one’s business and life; part autobiography, part guide to personal marketing, branding and the effective use of social media and social networks. Its pragmatism and ‘how-to’ style will appeal to and resonate with busy lawyers and entrepreneurs who just want to get on with it. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the book is that it is not another run of the mill theoretical discourse; it is written by and from the perspective of someone who has done everything in the book, with huge personal success. Choose not to read it at your peril – your competitors are!
Richard Burcher, Managing Director & Pricing Consultant, Validatum Limited, New Zealand.

“…the book I’ve always wanted to write.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been written by me… It is innovative in style and approach, and should be compulsory reading for every young lawyer – and strongly recommended for every other practitioner still drawing breaththe message is irrefutable… The Naked Lawyer is more than lawyers have been offered before.  Not to try it out is to miss out on wealth – a wealth of knowledge and experience, and the wealth generated by clarity of purpose, confidence, and a successful practice…

For the thinkers who read the book, there is an impressive array of powerful ideas and wide reading distilled into these pages as well as references to follow for those hungry for more… For the doers (and the thinkers who need to move to action)… It’s why the book is so valuable as CPD: there’s plenty of scope for learning and developing skills and action points, as well as for truly reflective practice. At last – great value CPD that means lawyers will learn something they need to know!… In the competitive world of 2011 and beyond, it should be all hands on deck – and here’s what the deck-hands need to know and do…This book deserves to be a ROARing success – as does the career of anyone who follows its advice.  Don’t wait: reach out and relate!”
Stephen Mayson, Professor of strategy and Director of the Legal Services Institute at the College of Law; strategic adviser to legal services businesses; author of ‘Law Firm Strategy: Competitive Advantage and Valuation.’ UK.
Full review

“Chrissie Lightfoot is a gem. A year ago I read her book ‘The Naked Lawyer’ and wished I had written it. It is beautifully written and undoubtedly essential reading for the lawyers of today who want to be the lawyers of tomorrow. So inspired was I, that I invited her to speak at the 2011 Future Firm Forum, an event that I host every year in New Zealand. She didn’t disappoint. Delegates were WOWed by her ‘naked’ approach, style and content and gave her an exceptionally high rating as they left with pearls of advice that will help themselves and their businesses grow. Her uniquely ROAR advice has already helped mine. Thanks Chrissie!”
Simon Tupman, Law Firm Innovation Specialist, Author, ‘Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas’, New Zealand.

“The Naked Lawyer – RIP to XXX” … what a crazy title for a book on law firm marketing?! Chrissie Lightfoot, an entrepreneur, turned UK qualified solicitor, turned law firm marketer & consultant dances and prances over 230 pages and challenges to turn your (professional) life up-side down. She manages to entertain you like I have never been entertained by a law firm marketing book before. She dares to leave marketing concepts by the wayside and introduces her own marketing concepts. She gives loads of practical, immediately usable advice on how to brand and sell yourself if you are prepared to leave behind your preconceptions about legal marketing, and take a chance on something a little more edgy. Would I have dared to write a book in her unorthodox, sassy style? Almost certainly not. But I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and will recommend it to any young lawyer who wants to turn him/herself into a brand.”
Dr. Silvia Hodges, Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham University School of Law, New York, USA; Principal Silvia Hodges LLC – The Law Firm as a Business.

“I managed to find time to work through the first half of your eBook yesterday (skipping all of the “after dark” exercises) in my ravenous consumption, hook, line and sinker, of The Naked Lawyer. This is the companion I’ve been waiting for since reading Susskind’s “The End of Lawyers?” lifted the veil. Even as a 4yr PQE I can see what’s wrong and here’s a tried and tested way to fix it. Other marketing and sales books including “The Law Firm Associates Guide to Personal Marketing and Selling Skills” et al, didn’t quite cut the mustard! I have a genuine opportunity to put so much of The Naked Lawyer into practice and I’m really keen to look at how I can develop those opportunities. Thank-you!”
Rob Cobley, Associate Solicitor, Harrison Clark LLP, UK.

“Chrissie totally has a thorough understanding of what clients require from a modern law firm in the early 21st century and the many ways in which we lawyers can respond to those requirements to both acquire new clients and retain existing ones. She “gets” it with specific regard to the use of social media in helping to increase income streams and her extremely well written and entertaining book “The Naked Lawyer” should be a template for all lawyers in this highly competitive new era.”
Gareth Hughes, Barrister & Partner, Jeffrey Green Russell, UK.

“The Naked Lawyer runs amok and dispels the myth that lawyers have to be stuffy, archaic and steeped in tradition and unable to market themselves. Chrissie Lightfoot’s wit, style and humour was refreshing and kept true to the title of this gem of a book.”
Sajid Malik, Solicitor, Head of Department Civil & Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution at Noble Solicitors, UK.

“There are a lot of marketing books, guides, how-tos and how-not-tos that claim to leave you feeling enlightened, but very few that actually do – I think this is one of the few. It’s clear, concise, and helps you to take what you’ve read off the page. Importantly, it considers the current legal landscape, the upcoming changes all lawyers will have to face (whether they like it or not!), and the changing, more demanding, choosier, educated legal consumer.”
Leicia Feare, Legal Marketing Executive, Ford & Warren Solicitors, UK.
Full review – The Primerus International Society of Law Firms.

For the lawyer who wants to rock out! I really loved this book. It is a great overview and detailed workbook… you will actually enjoy yourself while you learn.”
Nils Montan, Lawyer, Dannemann Siemsen, Curitibia, Brazil (ex VP Senior IP Counsel at Warner Bros., LA, and ex President of INTA and IACC).

“Uncovering a new approach to law with a ROAR of approval!”
Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers, UK.
Full review and Flickr video.

“I know a thing or two about careers because I used to be a headhunter – although I’m better now! But what I love about Chrissie Lightfoot’s “The Naked Lawyer” isn’t just it’s energetic and practical wisdom about personal branding, marketing and selling; it’s that she brings a vibrant breath of fresh air to a legal profession that has all but lost its soul. Privately, many of the lawyers I meet in my work are good people with conscience. But professionally, they often forget that they are human beings first and lawyers second. Chrissie reminds lawyers that humanity and authenticity are the key to a meaningful life and career. If you define success by simply screwing your clients for as much money as possible then you won’t be interested in this book. But if you came into the profession with an energetic and passionate belief in freedom, justice and integrity, then you won’t be disappointed. You’ll also continue to earn a living, a good living, but your reward will be your reward, not your purpose.”
Roger Steare FRSA, Director & Professor of ‘ethicability’; Corporate Philosopher,  Cass Business School Fellow, UK.

“The Managing Partner at my firm gave it to me and called it ‘required reading’. Didn’t know what to expect, but he definitely got it right!”
Alexandra Demetrescu, PR Officer, Pachui & Associates, Romania.

A stimulating and enticing read that will improve lives. You don’t have to be a lawyer or even a professional to benefit from Chrissie’s book. In “The Naked Lawyer RIP to XXX”, Chrissie takes you by the hand and gently shares proven but unconventional ways to help you set and then achieve new goals. In some instances, goals you may not even be aware existed!

Dim the lights and get comfortable. Explore Chrissie’s book slowly. I guarantee that if you give her a chance, she’ll show you new things that will make your toes curl. You’ll discover a new way to practice law, to go about building a business and, to have fun again. You’ll learn how to be transparent and build trust and loyalty—and happiness—by being yourself and enjoying all the lobsters in the world (read the book and you’ll know what I mean). Every Volume was an absolute joy to read and experience. I’m going to recommend Chrissie’s book to all the new lawyers and clients who seek my advice.

If you’re ready to ROAR, then get Chrissie’s book and make 2011 a year to remember!”
Jon Mitchell “Mitch” Jackson, Esq. 2009 Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year, USA.


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Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook now

Complete box set: all 12 Volumes, the full ROAR model...

£20.00 (exc. VAT) Buy now

The Naked Lawyer provides a blue print for personal and professional development by providing serious lessons in Chrissie’s unique and light hearted way. Being able to draw on experiences from inside and outside the law Chrissie has put together a manual that allows you to combine the professional and technical skills learned within the law with the softer, relationship enhancing ones of more customer focused industries.

I read The Naked Lawyer with two hats on; one with experience of the legal profession and one as an outsider looking in. In both situations there is much to be learned and that can be applied to one’s own situation. The truth of the matter is that the internet is enabling the buyer of professional services (legal, financial or otherwise) to become more sophisticated, more savvy. As a result we suppliers need to wise-up; technical jargon isn’t enough anymore. We must demonstrate value above and beyond qualifications and experience. The consumer increasingly wants a relationship built on exceptional service and trust.

Chrissie’s guide provides important learning points to enable you to differentiate yourself from the masses leading to deeper, more profitable relationships for all. Quite honestly, this is the best value for money book I have bought. Not only is it an in-depth guide but a work-book too, providing a structure to personalise how you amend your approach to client relationships in order to win and keep new and existing business. Something we’re all looking for nowadays. I highly recommend downloading it now to start your journey to enlightenment. I did, and I’m feeling the improvement already.”

Andrew Neligan a Chartered Financial Planner who helps legal professionals achieve their financial and lifetime goals.


“The Lawyer Magazine reported that almost a quarter of lawyers want to leave the profession because of stress, lack of career prospects and long hours, confirming widespread dissatisfaction with the work-life balance in law, despite record levels of pay. All of this has been greatly exaggerated as a result of the Great Recession, as law firms continue to cut their way to maintain a respectable level of profits.

For many being a lawyer is full of bureaucracy, alienation, billable hour demands, lack of input, mind-numbing nature of their work, and negative work life balance. But all is not lost…for it’s time to get Naked… with Chrissie Lightfoot, a young, energetic and spiritual attorney from the UK who will guide you to a more fulfilling career and life as an attorney. Her ideas are simple, novel and cutting edge. Unless you want to be miserable like most other lawyers, do yourself a favor and read her book. It’s a new day and the practice deserves a new success formula. Chrissie has the secret sauce!
Cole Silver, Business Attorney and Marketing Strategist, USA.

“The Naked Lawyer by Chrissie Lightfoot is the publication for professionals looking to build a book of business in the 21st century. Written in a style, and with a price tag, that ensures it will find its niche the book recounts Chrissie’s success in winning work as a lawyer using an ‘unsales’ model focusing on social media and social networking. At each stage, she turns her experience into practical simple advice for implementation; this truly is a workshop in a book!

I admit to struggling through the first couple of chapters (which Chrissie calls her volumes) but have been handsomely rewarded for my persistence. Whether you are a professional or a business development person working with professionals there is a huge amount here to take away. Not least the answer to the questions “How do I get value clients?”, “ How do I keep clients of value?” and “What should I do with Linkedin?” Which I have been asked on occasions too numerous to mention.

It is refreshing to read a book very much directed at the individual professional (rather than a book about ‘the firm’), helping the reader to build a pipeline of work and with such simple steps to implement. Cynical lawyers, no doubt, may not find the answers to all their prayers here but open minded professionals (lawyers and otherwise) who are frustrated ‘getting what they have always got, by doing what they have always done’ will find unrivaled great value in what Chrissie has to say.

Start at the beginning and stick with it all the way is my advice. I guarantee that the value and benefit of implementing the steps in the book will represent a huge return on investment when measured against the price of the book and the time required.”
Martin Bragg, Associate Director for Business Development, Recovery & Reorganisation, Grant Thornton, UK.

“I have brought along @The Naked Lawyer’s eBook for some holiday reading. Excellent!”(@raycrud – twitter)
Ray Crudgington, Managing Partner, Head of Commercial & Probate Departments, Grant Saw Solicitors LLP, UK

“Fast paced and timely the naked lawyer is just what the doctor ordered for us busy entrepreneurs and professionals in our striving for fulfilment and success in these challenging economic times.”
Deirdre Bounds. Successful woman entrepreneur, Founder i-to-i Travel, author of the bestselling personal development book ‘Fulfilled’, UK.
“Chrissie Lightfoot has produced the Karma Sutra of client care. Passion, energy and enthusiasm oozes off every page. She could take the word “tired” make a mnemonic of it and hurl it back at you in a dazzling way. When she explains that rainmaking is about “confidence…seduction…performance…delivery…and follow on” many lawyers may feel that one out of five is not bad, but Chrissie urges “I dare you to get off your butt, fulfill your dreams”.

Fortunately, she then goes on to explain how exactly we should go about it, in a detailed and well researched manner. I highly recommend the sections on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin which are instructive. She details many ways in which we can find the niche which eludes so many of us. When she says “if I can help you in anyway please feel free to get in touch” she means it. Having been threatened for years about change, I have to accept that those who have done something about it have moved ahead. Buy this book if you feel ready to take the plunge or at least wish to find your way to the bottom of the diving board.”
Paul Brennan, Commercial Lawyer, author of The Law is an Ass…Make Sure it Doesn’t Bite Yours! Australia.
“I’ve just had the pleasure of devouring ‘the naked lawyer’ and am delighted to say that it’s the most readable document I’ve ever seen surface from the desk of a legal professional in all my adult years! Chrissie shines a very bright light on all that is tired and outdated both in the legal profession & in business in general. This blueprint offers a step by step plan for any professional or entrepreneur to secure their slice of the internet pie and effectively brand themselves with social media so that they can stand out, shine online and stay relevant in this new economy.

It is no longer enough to be just ‘good.’ To compete in this new world where the old gatekeepers are redundant; to be replaced by Facebook & Google, it is essential that you step up and be ‘super,’ so Chrissie’s message of how to be a ‘super lawyer’ or a ‘super entrepreneur’ arrives just in the nick of time. Consumers of the new economy want to do business with professionals with a real heart who operate their practice with transparency and who are not afraid to show their personality and connect authentically with their clients.

Fortunately for you, the reader, Chrissie represents the bridge between the legal world and entrepreneurship. You will learn EXACTLY how to implement the strategies in the book so that you can begin today to network and attract your ideal clients and collaborators using the vibrant tools of social media & the internet.”
Rachel Henke, Entrepreneur, business coach, author of ‘Marketing & Mindset’ ezine, UK


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Complete box set: all 12 Volumes, the full ROAR model...

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“The naked lawyer is a truly motivational marketing and sales book. It’s very readable and packed full of thoughts, ideas and modern cultural references. It also has the great benefit of someone approaching the law after having been in business beforehand and with the current shake-up of legal services comes at a particularly opportune moment.”
Tim Kevan, Barrister (non-practising), Guardian law blogger, author of ‘Law and Disorder’ and co-author of ‘Why Lawyers Should Surf’, UK.

“Chrissie Lightfoot goes places where most lawyers dare not travel. She says what others think in an unabashed, direct and provocative manner.

What Chrissie writes people need to read. She asks questions that need to be asked and she will help you to find the answers that work for you. This treatise works for lawyers on both sides of “The Pond” and is also an important read for those thinking of practicing law, those who work with attorneys and those in other professions.

Why the high praise? Simple, Chrissie has found a voice that lurks inside all of us. She has captured her message and found a way to share it with us all. This message, simply put, will enable professionals to better serve their clients, better serve themselves and better attend to friends and family.

This well written and important work will change our lives for the better. It has already improved and touched mine.”
David Gabor, Attorney at Law, NYC, USA.

“Brilliantly written eBook!”
Max Hubner, Director Corporate Legal and Tax at PGGM, Netherlands.

The Naked Lawyer is not for the timid. It is for the BOLD. It is for the SAVVY. It is for the OPPORTUNIST. Right from the start you are confronted by the bare naked truth. It comes at you at lightning speed. Nothing is hidden – it is all revealed. And you can take it or leave it. This is a refreshing and much needed insight, approach and methodology.

I applaud that it confronts convention and the staidness of today’s business world. It challenges the regrettable days of political correctness. Whether a lawyer or not this book is timely. In truth, it is long overdue. For those who get “it” you will not read this once. It will be well worn because it will be a constant reference for you.

At its core this book is about knowing yourself, knowing your “customers” and knowing how to create synergy between the two. To do that you must learn to earn. The Naked Lawyer follows a common sense approach to business and business development from a personal and firm perspective. Indeed, you may read this and say it is all common sense. Yes, that is true, however, common sense is not common or everyone would be doing it. Only market leaders apply common sense. That’s why they are leaders. So…do you want to be a leader? Starting with yourself?

From this book you will discover (hopefully not too unsurprisingly) the key is to focus, to plan, to execute and…to get naked. With yourself. With your niche. With your customers and clients. Follow this step x step guide to building your brand, your career and your business and you will accelerate your Journey of Success. Fail to do so and you only have yourself to blame. So…go on get naked. You will be glad you did (and so will those who matter to you).”
Dr Richard Norris, Self leadership, performance & legacy coach, MBA, author of ‘Hoof it! 7 Key Lessons on Your Journey of Success’, UK.
The Naked Lawyer is simply a MUST read for the student who is considering a career in the law, or any of the professions, to the senior partner who is trying to run a business in 2010 and beyond. Chrissie is a force of nature. Strong, confident and fearless. Meeting her is like sticking your head out of the window of a car driven at 100 mph. Should you have the good fortune to meet her, hold on to your hat, as you will feel inspired, infected and positively affected by her whirlwind of positivity, energy, passion and enthusiasm!”
Jim Diamond, Costs Lawyer, London, UK.


“Successful solicitors, and other professionals, don’t get by just with superb technical skills. Not any longer. Nor do they thrive merely because they can market their legal skills: set out their shop window, create an image, strut their stuff in front of the punters, flirt with them.

No, they have to go the extra mile – they must have the generosity to please others, they need emotional intelligence, they’ve got to sell themselves … to seduce those prospects. To reinvent themselves as Naked Lawyers. No-one said it will be easy – but Chrissie makes clear that it’ll be fun.”
Peter Groves, IP Lawyer (30 years experience), author of ‘A Dictionary of Intellectual Property’, London, UK.


“I’ve read more than my fair share of books on business development and the difference between the naked lawyer and the majority is that it’s practical, funny, inspirational and down-to-earth without ever losing its aspirational quality. Chrissie is living proof that, even though the profession is in a challenging place, it’s also full of opportunity. I’d highly recommend this book to any lawyer who is serious about thriving in the new connected world.”

Steve Kuncewicz, Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Lawyer, author of ‘Legal Issues of Web 2.0 and Social Media’, UK.


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Buy The Naked Lawyer eBook now

Complete box set: all 12 Volumes, the full ROAR model...

£20.00 (exc. VAT) Buy now

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