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intelligent software for legal and compliance

Neota Logic is an award-winning global provider of intelligent software for legal and compliance. The company’s easy-to-develop smart advisors uniquely combine rules, reasoning, judgment and document automation to solve legal questions instantly and cost-effectively. Neota Logic smart advisors are mobile friendly, can be embedded within client portals and websites and integrate easily with other systems.

why Neota Logic ? …

Our clients use Neota Logic to build Smart Advisors that broadly fall into 3 categories:

Document automation – also known as document assembly. With the power of its integrated logic engines, Neota allows the user to create highly nuanced documents on-line through an intuitive software-driven interview process. The logic can be of unlimited complexity allowing companies to create far more sophisticated documents than traditional document assembly tools.

Real-time Compliance – Neota software creates self-service compliance advisors that solve both routine and bespoke regulatory compliance issues. Neota smart advisors provide guidance and advice on-line, instantly to the business users thereby vastly reducing the need for costly legal expense and delay. Any regulatory risk assessment or advice can be provided so that now every person in the business has the answers they need to make the correct decisions every time.

Self-service Legal Advice – Often clients want to be able to have their legal questions answered online without the expense and delay associated with asking a lawyer. This can range from routine consumer to complex business scenarios. Neota’s intelligent software emulates into software the knowledge, expertise and judgment of the firm’s best lawyer, on their best day, every time. It never forgets a case and does not suffer from bias.

example uses of  Neota Logic …

Online Tax Advisors – Thompson Reuters have integrated Neota Logic into their on-line self-service tax advisor products, enabling subscribers to do fact-specific tax analysis and calculations.

Regulatory Compliance – Foley & Lardner launched Global Risk Solutions (“GRS”) powered by Neota Logic. Foley’s GRS service embeds the power of Neota Logic for on-line Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance risk analysis and mobile advisors for real-time compliance checking in the business.

Trade Promotions: An Australian law firm uses Neota Logic to automate trade promotions permit applications, managing complex fact intake, legal reasoning and assembly of the final permit application form for submission to the appropriate governmental agency.

HR Compliance – Littler Mendelson. Neota Logic’s intelligent software powers the 2015 Financial Times Innovation in Law Award Winning ComplianceHR platform. ComplianceHR offers a suite of intelligent advisor applications to HR professionals for precision guidance, anytime, anywhere on critical HR questions; with transparent and auditable answers that are fully integrated with their own systems.

how can this technology benefit your organisation ?


  • Reduces regulatory risk
  • Reduces cost of routine legal and compliance support
  • Improves the quality and consistency of legal, compliance or operational decision-making
  • Low cost of ownership – fast to build, easy to maintain
  • Increased scalability of in-house legal resources; more productivity from the same resources


  • Attract new clients
  • Better serve existing clients
  • Reputation for innovation and thought-leadership
  • Improve quality and efficiency of routine decisions
  • Low cost of ownership – fast to build, easy to maintain

word on the street? …

“We found Neota’s application to be very simple to deploy and maintain, which was essential for us to scale the GRS offering in the way we envisioned”. David Simon (Partner) FOLEY & LARDNER

“I’ve worked with lawyers and technologists all over the world developing innovative new legal products and services. Neota Logic is the platform I turn to when these projects require process automation or legal reasoning of any kind. Neota is easy to learn, flexible enough to solve a wide range of problems, and integrates well with other systems and platforms.” Ryan McLead (3 Geeks and a Law Blog) 

“…the system saved our LawLine staff from 1,133 live intakes with individuals that we could not help, making more time available and reducing wait times for those we could help.” David B. Neumeyer, Esq. – Executive Director, Virginia Legal Aid Society, Inc.

like to know more? …

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Neota Logic

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