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You are always ahead of the pack!
Arlene Adams, CEO, Peppermint Technology, UK.

Chrissie Lightfoot is simply an inspiration and a futurist that you ignore at your peril”
Nicholas Murphy-Whymark, Head of Revenue, UK, US, EMEA & Asia, Herbert Smith Freehills.

“I’ve been following your articles for a few years. They are a pleasure to read… AI will make the industrial revolution look small. Your insights have been way ahead of the game. Many people will be thanking you in years to come. Keep up your great work.”
Darren Kelly, Founder,The Hot Word

You have been a great friend and a fantastic colleague guiding my steps in London. Thanks.”
Antonio Maia, Founder & Managing Parner of AMSA law firm | CEO Tikal Tech | Litigation Lawyer | Entrepreneur | Pioneer | Tech & AI advocate, Brazil.

“If you want to conquer Social Media then you must speak to this lady – brilliant!
David Lister. Founder & MD, Law Plain And Simple. Founder & MD, X-Press legal Services.

If firms just took a pinch of what Chrissie advises and sparingly sprinkle it across their organisation they would see fabulous benefits.”
Jim Stanley, Managing Director, Nexum Software, UK.

“It has been really, really great working with you. You have been a great author and inspirational in all of your hard work!
Helen Donegan, Publisher, Managing Partner and Wilmington Press.

she wooed and wowed the audience with devastating effect!  She is a huge draw for attendees. We were delighted with her significant contribution.”
Larry Fenelon, Managing Partner, Leman Solicitors, Ireland.

Worked with Chrissie for three years, listened and acted on her advice, made the investment and now seeing superb returns and opportunities are opening up as she predicted. Since we met all that time ago we have flourished and the confidence we have with social media is all down to her. Virtually all deals done are now done via some form or intervention from our SM platform, and we have Chrissie to thank for that. Due to the successes both X-Press and Law Plain And Simple are now both in need of a re-evaluation as we have grown a massive 80%. One very clever lady….. We love her.”
David Lister. Founder and Managing Director X-Press Legal Services and Law Plain and Simple – Warrington, UK.

“The Naked Lawyer eBook, together with engaging Chrissie as a consultant, gave me the inspiration and guidance I was searching for to develop an online presence in the form of Linkedin and Twitter, which has directly added  £1,000,000 plus to my book of work over the last 12 months and significantly increased both my and the firms profile.  12 months back I was struggling for work. Now I have 4 lawyers working directly under me at full capacity. Although one might consider Chrissie’s messages on the present and future of legal practice a little controversial and eye-opening they are indeed effective!”
Jeremy Kennedy. WHS Lawyer & Partner, McCullough Robertson Lawyers – Newcastle, Brisbane & Sydney, Australia.

“Chrissie helped us deliver a training programme for a number of our key people. The course was fun, informative, detailed and covered pretty much everything you want to do on social platforms. The course material was taken from Chrissie’s excellent book, The Naked Lawyer and her enthusiasm for the topic is endless. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chrissie to advise and assist on any social project you might be considering and I look forward to working with her in the future.”
Graeme Smillie. UK Brand Guy, Head of Brand & Digital, Website Strategy & Development, Digital & Social Strategy at Shoosmiths LLP, UK.

“I have had the pleasure of speaking with Chrissie at Deltek’s Round Table Conferences in Stockholm and Oslo. Chrissie truly engaged the listeners with her vast knowledge of the Legal industry. I view her as one of the most insightful experts on the future of the legal market. As a public speaker she has the ability to “wake up” the listeners with an eloquent description of the past, the present and the future. The attendants were all convinced that the future is already here and that change is inevitable. It was a pleasure working with Chrissie, I sincerely hope the opportunity will arise again in the near future.”
Knut-Magnar Aanestad, Chief Knowledge Officer and Head of Information technology at Schjødt Law Firm, Oslo, Norway.

“We are delighted to be associated with EntrepreneurLawyer Limited and Chrissie having first worked together with a mutual client in the UK. As Chrissie herself says she is an entrepreneur turned solicitor, turned entrepreneur – and it’s this that gives her a unique perspective on the legal sector of today. Lawyers and law firms are still set in their ways, despite the ‘new normal’ now being almost 5 years old, and are all too often slow to embrace the need for a new approach to selling themselves and their firms. In fact selling is still a dirty word in many firms. Chrissie has, through her own experience, developed and tested an approach that works, and works well. She has then developed a program that meets the needs of tomorrow’s lawyers, solicitors and associates which allows them to be successful today – and she’s proved that this approach works with some stellar results. Chrissie herself is a force of nature, totally compelling and a genuine trailblazer in the industry and way ahead of the game.
Stu Gooderham. Business Development Manager – Redwood Analytics and LexisNexis, London, UK.

“Futuristic, strategic, innovative, dynamic, entrepreneurial, inspirational, motivational, practical and transformational
… just a few words to describe Chrissie Lightfoot having engaged her consulting services and read her groundbreaking book The Naked Lawyer. Throughout the opportunistic decade ahead I’m looking forward to Chrissie’s further input in our firm’s journey as both our people and firm adapt and evolve together with our networks and partners. It’s certainly looking brighter by the day since meeting Chrissie!”

Andrew Shaw. Partner, Global Legal Strategy Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal LLP, London, UK.

“In a volatile, highly competitive, price sensitive and digital world I recognised that myself and my company needed a helping hand in ‘the next big step’ to survive, compete, expand and stand out in a vanilla world. Chrissie Lightfoot was (and remains) that guiding hand. Significantly, only two to three months after reading The Naked Lawyer eBook together with Chrissie consulting and training us in her ROAR Programme – developing personal brands, incisive positioning in the market place present and future, forming niches, using social media and social networks effectively (LinkedIn, Twitter and Blog in particular) to grow our prime referral, prospect and client networks – myself, the team at HQ and the franchisees have already achieved impressive bottom line results. I found the elements of the ROAR programme simple, yet ground-breakingly effective. In essence, it’s all about how to sell without selling. It works. It works a lot! So impressed are we that Chrissie is also working with us on further (on line) innovations within our company. Despite the topsy-turvy world and challenges ahead (for all businesses) I’m very excited for our future; Chrissie shares the same passion, energy and enthusiasm to help SMEs and entrepreneurs succeed in both the business world and legal world.”
Christian Lister –
The SME Ambassador. Director The Genesis Initiative, Director X-Press Legal Services Limited, Board member International Small Business Council, Chairman IPSA, UK.


“Chrissie Lightfoot is undoubtedly a pioneer. Starting her own revolution with extraordinary determination she brings a refreshingly welcome approach in how to be successful in a digital world. Having heard her speak so passionately on the international stage I was captivated by her compelling message and inspired to read her eBook. The Naked Lawyer eBook is unlike any other business book you will read. The secrets she shares are transformational for one’s business and life; part autobiography, part guide to personal marketing, branding and the effective use of social media and social networks. Its pragmatism and ‘how-to’ style will appeal to and resonate with busy lawyers and entrepreneurs who just want to get on with it. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the book is that it is not another run of the mill theoretical discourse; it is written by and from the perspective of someone who has done everything in the book, with huge personal success. Choose NOT to read it at your peril – your competitors are!”
Richard Burcher, Managing Director & Pricing Consultant, Validatum Limited – Auckland (New Zealand) and London (UK).

“Chrissie spoke at the Claims Magazine Conference and delivered a fascinating talk which really got our delegates talking. She gave our delegates a real jolt. Chrissie outlined the rapid changes that were taking place to the legal services sector right under their noses and reminded them that embracing change need to not be a step in the dark, but rather a chance to revitalise their businesses. It’s forward thinking of this sort that will help the claims sector continue to deliver a great service to members of the public who have been injured through no fault of their own. Chrissie was very pro-active and thorough in her preparation. She wanted to know all about our delegates and other speakers in great detail and offered to help out in any way she could. She was also very supportive of the event. Chrissie is a pro who is very knowledgeable and above all, good fun to work with.”
Marek Handzel, Editor, Claims Magazine – Leeds & Yorkshire Lawyer, Leeds, UK.

“I was present during Chrissie’s presentation to the Lawlink conference in New Zealand earlier this year. Her inspirational words on social media networking and in particular the use of this tool to cross traditional geographical and other boundaries to practice development, spurred me into action. Having begun to get to grips with the idea of personal branding and combining it with social media use and social networking it’s not only fun to go through the process but is (fundamentally) already paying dividends! I am constantly amazed and motivated by Chrissie’s enthusiasm and drive; in particular her commitment to making meaningful one to one contact. Thanks Chrissie.”
Owen Culliney Lawyer at Harkness Henry Lawyers, New Zealand.

“Chrissie Lightfoot is an innovative thinker and true box-breaker. Having connected with her originally via social networking and being in pursuit of more innovation in the legal profession I was curious to attend her ‘Brand,Me’ & Social Media workshop in Melbourne earlier this year. Her ROAR model focusing on personal brand and its application using social media to achieve increased sales is attention-grabbing. Chrissie’s idiosyncratic ideas are creative, dynamic and energising.”
Jeremy Szwider, Founder and Managing Director, Bespoke Law, Melbourne, Australia.

“Chrissie totally has a thorough understanding of what clients require from a modern law firm in the early 21st century and the many ways in which we lawyers can respond to those requirements to both acquire new clients and retain existing ones. She “gets” it with specific regard to the use of social media in helping to increase income streams and her extremely well written and entertaining book “The Naked Lawyer” should be a template for all lawyers in this highly competitive new era.”
Gareth Hughes, Barrister & Partner, Jeffrey Green Russell, UK.

“When I asked for a mentor to push me out of my comfort zone, I certainly got what I asked for when I started to work with Chrissie. Within a couple of sessions we’d tackled some of the pain-staking parts of corporate governance and paved the way to the more exciting task of growing my business. I thoroughly enjoy working with Chrissie. She’s intuitive, challenging and warm in all the right measures. I’m confident she will be for you too!”
Carolyn Pearson, Head of Commercial Systems, EasyJet, Luton, UK. CEO & Founder maiden-voyage.com, London, UK.

“Chrissie Lightfoot is a gem. A year ago I read her book ‘The Naked Lawyer’ and wished I had written it. It is beautifullywritten and undoubtedly essential reading for the lawyers of today who want to be the lawyers of tomorrow. So inspired was I, that I invited her to speak at the 2011 Future Firm Forum, an event that I host every year in New Zealand. She didn’t disappoint. Delegates were WOWed by her ‘naked’ approach, style and content and gave her an exceptionally high rating as they left with pearls of advice that will help themselves and their businesses grow. Her uniquely ROAR advice has already helped mine. Thanks Chrissie!”
Simon Tupman, Law Firm Innovation Specialist, Author, ‘Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas’, New Zealand.


“Chrissie is not for the faint hearted. Her speaking and presentation can be challenging for the conservatives amongst lawyers and legal practice managers. But having heard Chrissie present in Australia this year at ALPMA, I’m convinced that there is immense value in her message to those who can dig deep, really take on the enormous value of her message and find their own inner entrepreneur. Chrissie’s advice certainly touched those who want to change for the better in this challenging digital legal era. To this day I proudly wear my bracelet en-scribed “I’m The Captain Of My Mothership”. I recommend her to you. Strongly. She could change more than just your working life. She’s already help change mine. Thank-you Chrissie!”
Valmai Trudgen, Senior Practice Administrator, Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers, Melbourne, Australia.

I attended Simon Tupman’s Future Forum 2011 conference in November.  Chrissie Lightfoot was one of the key note speakers. Wow!! What an amazing presenter.  Chrissie is passionate about helping Lawyers (and other professionals) achieve goals they never imagined possible.  The major difference between Chrissie and many others is that what she does is actually quite simple.  There is an investment of your time but Chrissie tells you HOW to do it in a practical, fun, hands on way and what is more, the results will happen quite quickly.  I have come back from the conference knowing that I have an excellent tool with which to actually help our firms Lawyers achieve their fee targets.  Chrissie is coming back to New Zealand in May and I am going to get her to come and talk to our team.  Do not miss the opportunity to hear what Chrissie has to say and engage her services for your people.  It is a very worthwhile investment!!
Trish Greenwood, General Manager, Malley & Co Lawyers, Christchurch, New Zealand.

… extremely professional, highly strategic, and of a character that puts her leagues ahead of most lawyers in the profession”
Christopher Marston. CEO Exemplar Law Partners LLC, Boston, USA.

“… she’s as good as her word – probably better!”
Deirdre Bounds. Successful serial woman entrepreneur, speaker and author. Founder i-to-i Travel. Leeds, UK.

“… one in a million … she has that ‘it’ factor in her DNA … helped both my organization and me grow … her work ethic is unparalleled … simply one of the best workers I have ever had in my company over the past 45 years of being in business ”
Gary Russell. Entrepreneur. Business coach. CEO Winning Profile (working with Clive Woodward, elite talent co-ordinator 2012 British Olympics). Connecticut, USA.

“… absolutely unique and one in a million! I joined Chrissie’s ‘The Entrepreneur Lawyer Relationship Sales Network’ group on LinkedIn recently. Chrissie has managed to bring Legal and Business professionals together in such a progressive manner! I have never met anyone that has the ability to build up solid professional relationships so quickly, that gives her time and advice unconditionally, who is always available, who listens so intently, who practices what she preaches!  … Chrissie is the best mentor you would ever want and the best mentor you could ever have!”
Eleni Stasinou. Lawyer2B (presently Account Manager at ECS (IT Finance) – Subsidiary of Société Générale Banking Group), Surrey, UK. Hired Chrissie in May 2010.

“… understands the true meaning of client service and focus”
Elizabeth Ward. Principal, Virtuoso Legal, Leeds, UK.

“… a great woman to do business with”
Jules Wyman. Recently voted Britain’s Top Woman Coach. Owner Positive Belief, York, UK.

” … her services as an ongoing coach are much in demand”
Siobhan Newton, Business Research Fellow, University of Sheffield Management School.

” … a lady who gets things done!”
Carl Hopkins ‘Secret Millionaire’. Successful serial entrepreneur. Owner/MD, Kloog, UK.

” … when I needed a lawyer, I didn’t think of going elsewhere”
Liz Cable. MD, Reach Further Limited, Leeds, UK.

“… outstanding business and client orientated approach”
Paul Birch. MD, Blackband Consulting Limited, UK.

” … highly motivated by a desire to deliver positive results in everything she deals with … a major asset on any team”
Jonathan Oxley. Chairman of the Yorkshire Shadow Monetary Policy Committee, senior partner Lee & Priestley LLP, Leeds, UK.

” … a breath of fresh air … extremely personable … very commercial … quick to recognise opportunities and to advance them … absolutely first class”
Nick Davies. Senior tax consultant, Garbutt & Elliott, Leeds, UK.

“Great personality combined with a totally commercial outlook to business relationships”
Simon Palmer ‘The Rock And Roll Accountant’. Partner, Armstrong Watson, Leeds, UK.

“… extremely entrepreneurial and commercially aware … provides honest, appropriate and trusted advice … great client focus and a flair for coming up with different ways of doing things”
Adrian Jackman-Smith, MD, Nucleus Complete Business Advice Limited, Sheffield, UK.

“… I recommend her without hesitation to any business, firm or institution”
James L. Bikoff. Partner. Silverberg, Goldman & Bikoff L.L.P, Washington D.C., USA. Mr Bikoff has been active for over 40 years directing worldwide intellectual property protection, trademark litigation and anti-counterfeiting enforcement.

“… the business grew ahead of expectation due in no small part to Chrissie’s innovations and dynamic leadership of the marketing and sales process … a fantastic motivator … great drive as well as great business acumen”
David Holloway, Commercial Projects Manager, Sports & Leisure Group Ltd.

” … a model student whilst on our 2 year Part Time Legal Practice Course: Chrissie has a fabulous personality”
Judith Ward. Principal lecturer. Nottingham Law School,UK.

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