welcome to Lawyers Ecademy !

The online place for lawyers to learn, develop, grow, collaborate and share best practice.

what is it?

The Lawyers Ecademy is the Lawyers ‘e’Academy where you will find the ‘real world’ bespoke sales class and commercially savvy class that wasn’t offered to you at law school or perhaps even by the firm that you serve.

It is the ‘soft skills’ learning environment to help you get more clients, sales, referrals, income, value, growth and success!

have you got what it takes?

If you have the ambition to be a great lawyer and desire a successful legal career in this digital age then you may consider a leg up by learning and training with the EntrepreneurLawyer boot camp.

entrepreneurlawyer boot camp

Entrepreneurs and business owners possess an aptitude for making the seemingly impossible possible. Do you?

My legal experience and business experience has led me to believe that for you to stay ahead of the competition and to attract the entrepreneurial and business owner/decision maker clients of the past, present and future you’re going to have to deliver oustanding client service and develop extraordinary relationships

You’re going to have to make your clients’ grade.

Here at the EntrepreneurLawyer boot camp you will learn how to be truly entrepreneurial, innovative, relationship focused, client focused, pro-active, commercially savvy, of a positive mindset and ‘soft skilled’ up to attract and serve the clients of the past, present and future.

At the EntrepreneurLawyer boot camp you will find products, services and seasoned professionals that will help you do just that!

I dare you to join me here in the boot camp

bottom line results, frontline presence

If you want to achieve bottom line results then you’ve got to be prepared to be on the frontline:

  • You might get shot
  • It may cost you an arm or a leg
  • You could stick your neck out once too often and lose your head in the process

but that’s the price you just might have to pay to survive … and thrive!

entrepreneurlawyer boot camp products, services and people

bottom line

  • You will be exposed to the blueprint sales development ROAR model – The ROAR Experience sales programme
  • To Reach Out And Relate will become second nature by completion of the training
  • The Naked Lawyer will be available every step of the way to motivate, encourage and inspire you if at any point you consider waving the white flag


If this all sounds bootcamplicious to you then strap on your boots now. Get involved and kick-start this decade in the frontline to ensure your success! Get In Touch.

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